Runaway to Kalibo, Aklan

Let me share a story about my recent trip with Tourism Promotions Board Philippines.

A few months ago, we travelled around Panay Island. Along with other travel bloggers and journalists we stepped into a trip focused on what’s more to see and do around the area besides the usual touristy spots promoted by mainstream media.

Kalibo Aklan. Today I will be telling you more about Kalibo. Another considered hometown of my Father, though he wasn’t born here, but he was certainly raised here and had amazing memories counted as part of his childhood.  I was very much thrilled to explore this place.




Kalibo, Aklan has already been making its noise in the tourism industry through it’s famous Festival : ATI-ATIHAN .

One of the most talked about festivals in the Philippines, specially known for it’s addicting street dance and never ending snake dance. A street dance composed of local dancers dressed in their tribal costumes, swaying and moving in tune with the drums. People weaving like snake, partying at the park joined by numerous tourists and travelers.

Besides this awesome festival, our recent trip to Aklan opened my eyes to more amazing things we may also do while we are in Kaibo.



One of which is to appreciate nature through a tour around the biggest mangrove forest I have seen in the country. Bakhawan Eco-park is a mangrove project reforestation which begun in 1990 done by local government and a number of non-government organizations aiming to transform a muddy shoreline of Baranggay New Buswang to prevent flood and storm surges in the community. This 220-hectare mangrove forest situated in Kalibo is presently operated by ‘KASAMA’ or Kalibo Save the Mangrove Association.

We also had our scrumptious lunch in Kalibo while in Bakhawan. Then we ended the tour with “TAMILOK’ experience.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

‘Tamilok’ (woodworm) is a shipworm or marine bivalve molluscs (a group of saltwater clams with soft, long, naked bodies.) A lot of these can be found in Aklan Philippines.  Did I try eating one? Yes. Was I scared? YES. But then again, I still have to insist that this was the highlight of my tour in Bakhawan Eco-park. Do I recommend it? YES!!!

Pina weaving with demonstration (Dela Cruz House of Pina)

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For side trip I would gladly ask you to come see and drop by  one of Kalibo’s charms ‘Dela Cruz house of Pina’. Here you may learn more about the history of Pina weaving 

(Hand woven fabrics made from pineapple.)  The house of Pina also allows you to discover how it’s actually made by featuring live demonstrations done inside the house.

Besides the showroom, the house also holds other handmade handicrafts which I consider a steal for everyone who’s into house interior designs and native ‘ratan’ collectors. Here you may purchase a purse carefully weaved by locals with a unique native design for 50 php and other handicrafts costing 70% cheaper than the ones we find at the mall. 

When visiting Kalibo, Aklan , make sure to support their local industry by getting your souvenirs here.

Other than the famous Ati Atihan festival, may this blog entry encourage you to explore and experience more of Kalibo, Aklan.  Safe travels!


Levy Amosin

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