Monday Merienda: Iconic Iloilo Street foods (SOMETHING ASIAN)


IMG_8985 Iloilo City like every other place in the country has considered Monday as one of the busiest week as well. In order to keep themselves awake and energized most of the Ilonggos do “merienda”.

Merienda is a light meal in the Philippines. Usually taken in the afternoon, it fills in the meal gap between lunch at noon and dinner, or between breakfast and lunch. It is a simple meal that often consists of a piece of fruit, cookies, yogurt, and other snacks paired with juice, hot chocolate, coffee, or other beverages. Broadly, merienda is any sort of dish or snack in a portion smaller than the traditional “full meal” consisting of rice and a main course dish.

Iloilo Street Foods : Experience Merienda

In this Quick City guide, I will try to make you experience some asian culture by the weird foods we eat. Let me start sharing with my list of choices for my Monday Merienda.  I hope I would be able to share a part of the Filipino Asian Culture by blogging the Local’s favorite weird Asian delicacies in this micro blog.

Fact: I haven’t eaten street foods for like 6 months now.

Having Street foods again earlier had me feeling like a child again, which actually inspired me to write this blog now. Yup I had Street foods as my Monday Merienda! Discover more of the Iconic Asian foods you’ll find in Iloilo City as you go read more about it in this micro blog. Enjoy the pictures!


Street food is ready-to-eat food sold by a vendor, in a street or other public place, such as at a market.  It is often sold from a portable  Food cart meant for immediate consumption. Street foods are cheaper on average usual restaurant meals, most street foods are also classified as both finger foods & fast foods.

Every culture has its odd culinary dishes and delicacies,  most Asian foods are perhaps some of the most weird exotic dish in the world. (

Please enjoy the pictures I took right after having my merienda at Lapaz, Iloilo city. A place where most street food carts are positioned.

  1. Chicken Skin –


Price Range: 10 pesos per pack. (Cheap eats category)

Chinks or Chicken Skin Chicharon is not a healthy snack and is not recommended for those who are currently struggling on loosing weight. According to a pinoy blog, “angsarap”  Chicken skin is one of the guilty pleasure snacks in the Philippines, it’s because this snack is high in cholesterol and fat. Still, anybody can attest that this is one of the local’s most Favorite.

2. Fried Isaw (my Favorite!)


Fried Isaw -Price: Five (5) pesos per stick

Accdg to definitelypinoyblogspot (2011) The Philippines, endowed with its natural wonders, has a very rich array of food and delicacies. Through scarcity and abundance, Filipinos managed to enrich their culinary culture. Meat was very expensive for people under the mediocrity level. So figuring out a way to use the entrails and other internal organs of livestock, usually thrown away to garbage was a very ingenious way to have meat on every dinner table for poor Filipino families.

Though it has a different texture and taste than lean meat itself, the Isaw known as intestines in English is prized as one of the best street dishes in the country.

Isaw is usually pre-cooked in the boil and grilled for 2-3 minutes, was given a make-over by cooking it Fried Chicken style. It is marinated in garlic, salt and pepper, covered with flour and then straight to the frying pan, with a dipping sauce, a mixture of vinegar, chopped onion and garlic. Because of its new look and crisp texture, the fried isaw immediately tickled every Filipino and eventually became the favorite of most tourists and travelers too!

Chicken Neck – Price: three for twenty pesos (3 pcs. for 20 PHP) (Tatlo, bente)

Best for budget students. 😉


Paa (Chicken leg) – Price: Fifteen (15) pesos

plus rice for ten (10) pesos only!

Iloilo City is located in Western Visayas, the place is a combination of progress and preserved cultural heritage, maintained in the present and bestowed for the benefit of future generations. There are countless factors not mentioned in this blog about how unique and beautiful Asian Filipino culture is. However, I hope I was able to somehow impart a few of the numerous factors that completes Asian Filipino Culture as a whole in thsi micro blog.

Go out on the streets and eat like the locals too! Come visit Iloilo and experience Merienda too!

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