Hugging Horizons at Tokyo, Japan: Street Fashion (How to blend in with the locals)

Tokyo Street Fashion

Konichiwa! Genki desu ka?

Note: In this blog, you will find some Fashion tips on how to keep up with Tokyo street fashion as well as how to blend in with the locals. This is not a wordy travel guide, rather, this is more of a fashion blog. I’d also refer this micro-blog as a photo travel diary, since I will allow the pictures to touch your imaginations instead of words defining every scene.

According to another reliable source : Tokyo fashion , even the most devoted fashion freak is having a hard time to keep up with fashion statements in Tokyo. Reason? “In Tokyo, there are so many different fashion styles, cultures, and subcultures that it’s hard to keep up. Each season those styles change, subcultures come and go, brands are born and die.”


Now, How can one possibly stay on top of what’s going on (I mean in terms of fashion)?

Fashion enthusiast from Japan said that they have a simple answer to that question…

Dress like the best version of your self!

“There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of magazines devoted to Tokyo street and fashion photography. But magazines are published once a week or once a month. In a fast moving fashion mecca like Tokyo, trends may be gone by the time you read about them. “-TokyoFashion

However, most Japanese Fashion enthusiast also mentioned that the reason why people from Tokyo have been rapidly changing it’s fashion statements was due to the fact that they get bored with routines. Most of them would darw to go different and be as unique as they could be.

Here are some tips on how to blend in with Tokyo Street Fashion:

1. Be unique. (Tip: If you plan to stay longer, remember to compete with no one else but your self.)

2. Be experimental. (Dress like the best version of your self)

3. Be you! (In order to survive Tokyo fashion street, one must learn to understand that knowing who they really are as a person counts and is being represented by the way they carry themselves through fashion/ the way they dress up).

And that’s it!

Here are some of my fashion statements during my quick stay in Tokyo, Japan. Enjoy the pictures!

coming from a tropical country Philippines, I would definitely be laughed at if I wore this girly baby blue balerina top and black tights. But I’m in Tokyo baby! I’ve always been girly, so I guess the top does express my feminine side and the tights did well on comforting me with Japan’s colder temperature. My little leather boots did it’s job on keeping my feet warm the whole night while we were strolling around the mall.

Notice how the lace from my top brought that feminine touch during our first dinner in Tokyo.

Day 2: I wore a one piece dress, black cropped top shirt and bloddy red maxi skirt , black CAT socks from which I bought the night before and paired it black cotton boots.

  • This outfit above allowed me to survive our whole day tour in Asakusa Temple too. My cotton boots allowed me to keep up with all the long walks despite the cold weather. I did wrapped my black sweater when the weather wasn’t that freezing yet.


Tip: If your new in this place, always bring your sweater you’ll never know as to when will the freezing weather come.

a shot taken during our tour in Asakusa Temple. more travel photos in my Instagram account: AnneTours

another candid shot in Asakusa

Tip: Tokyo is not as freezing as Hokkaido so if you wanna go out and flaunt your shoulders or some parts of your body which your proud of then go for it!

Note: Tokyo weather is a combination of cold breeze and a semi warm temperature balanced by the sun. (Lovely weather)

off shoulder one piece gray fitted dress, paired them with black stockings and my leather boots.


Tokyo nights are mesmerizing

Sharing with you some of the food shots I did during my quick stay in Tokyo.

The chicken in Tokyo will always be something I’d miss. It was cooked in a different manner wherein, despite it being fried you’d still feel healthy and clean right after eating it. miso soup is a pair for the meal in the japanese restaurant we were brought to.

Oishi! the famous ramen! a bit pricey but nah,it’s worth it!

I guess that’s it for my 3 days and 2 nights tour in Tokyo, Japan. I wouldn’t want to spill everything about my trip to the Land of the rising sun in this blog alone. 😂
Click here for more Tokyo street fashion inspirations Tokyo Fashion.

I’d give a glimpse though…On the 3rd day we had our flight to Hokkaido, the North side of Japan. The place was way colder compared to Tokyo.

I swear to blog about fashion tips and travel guides about Hokkaido soon!

Before I end this blog… I’m sharing with you a photo, a glimpse pf what I wore in Hokkaido: ❤️⬇️
img_9864Hai! I had my winter hat on this time and I paired it with my feather jacket in Tan. Can you imagine how cold it was?

Know more about my trip to Hokkaido on my next blog. ❤️

I hope this micro-blog did help you. If you liked this article, feel free to share this link. Comment your suggestions below, I promise to reply asap. And enjoy your trip to Tokyo!

o ki wo tsukete kudasai!❤️

Keep Hugging Horizons!

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