DONG JUAN a Resto for people with a HEARTY APPETITE (Taste Guide)

According to iloilotoday, Dong Juan, the popular restaurant franchise in Cebu, has opened its doors to Ilonggos at Plazuela de Iloilo 2 years ago.


Dong Juan Plazuela Iloilo

Owners Barney and Aubrey Borja started the Dong Juan franchise in Cebu, then later branched it out to Dumaguete and Tagbilaran in Visayas, Davao City and Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao, Quezon City and Parañaque in Metro Manila, before setting its foot here Iloilo City. (source: Iloilotoday)

It was also mentioned that the Borja couple partnered with Katherine and Lauro Lima for the first Dong Juan branch here in Iloilo.

Dong Juan offers mouthwatering Spanish with an Asian twist menus in an affordable price range.

The biggest branch recently opened in Mother Ignacia street, Quezon City, Manila Philippines and is now considered as the ultimate Artista Hub of the area. The food must really be too good to attract such famous & glamorous media personalities. Isn’t it great that we too have this resto here in Iloilo too?

Are you curious enough to know what this Asian Fusion Restaurant can offer? Allow this blog to guide you on my top recommended dishes served by Dong Juan!

Taste Guide

Filipino Sisig in Olive Oil

Mr. Lauro Lima one of the owners of Dong Juan Plazuela Iloilo invited us (Hugging Horizons) to try out the recently nominated “Filipino Sisig in Olive oil” as one of the five finalists in the Choose Philippines Awards for Best in Pork Dish Category!

Dong Juan Sisig

Snapseed (25)

No doubt this “Filipino Sisig in Olive Oil” is famous. So far, this has been one of the most authentic Filipino Sisig I’ve ever tasted. Pinoy na pinoy, walang biro. The bites of Chili , pork together with the sizzles brought by the steaming olive oil makes the dish more aromatic than ever. Do you have a hearty appetite? If so, this Restaurant is for you!

1 Serving: Good for 2

Choice: with egg or without

Dong Juan’s Broccoli in Mushroom and Seaweeds


According to Choose Philippines  , Dong Juan’s Broccoli in Mushroom and Seaweeds truly stands up to its description in the menu: it’s a symphony of different flavors, all coming together in one delicious dish. The dish is a true favorite among Dong Juan’s many patrons and guests. Entering Dong Juan’s is like going back in time to the Spanish colonial era. Their Broccoli in Mushroom and Seaweeds is an interesting dish to try and could be paired with several delectable entree from their menu.

Here are some Comments from the customers: This dish was rated by Zomato users at 3.8, and the restaurant itself was described “…service is excellent…the food great ….but affordable.” – Elizabeth Arcega Magno

Crunchy Biscuit Pizza

dong juan pizza

This Pizza has been the Crunchiest Pizza I’ve ever tasted! The Dong Juan Pizza is baked in a BRICK OVEN. The dough can be served in two categories.

  1. Regular Dough- heart warming biscuit dough, that will set off any pizza flavor of your choice.
  2. Flavoured Dough- Kneaded with basil, oregano, parmesan cheese and superior grade olive oil imported from spain.

You can also choose from the following Pizza Flavor: Dong Juan’s Cheese & Garlic, Hungarian Special and All Meat Special.


Double Burgers

Dong Juan

(c) Dong Juan’s Official FB Page

This Resto has the thickest and meatiest Burger Patties so far! The perfect Pair for hearty eaters out there! You’ll never go wrong with this one, trust me!


Fastest Take out Crispy Pata

Dong Juan Crispy pata

According to Mr. Lima, Dong Juan Plazuela Iloilo can serve you the crispiest Pata in just 15 min. So if your in a hurry for some important appointments but is also in need of god food for the gathering, drop by Dong Juan Plazuela Iloilo for that Crunchy Munch Crispy Pata baby!

Pasta is Life

dong juan pasta

Dong Juan has been known for it’s excellent pasta. If you’re bored with the same old red sauce pasta or that milky white Carbonara, Check out Dong Juan Plazuela Iloilo for they serve unique Spanish Pasta in Olive oil.

I totally recommend the Gambas Al Ajilo Pasta, this dish will literally surprise you with the moving fish flakes on top of every serving.

Mug Cakes

dong juan mug cake

Dong juan mug cake

This thing right here is the bomb! I mean this is legit guys, like I swear!

You can also take the mug home f you wish to, just add 100php. 🙂


These are only few of the many mouthwatering dishes Dong Juan Plazuela Iloilo can offer. Drop by the restaurant to find out more. 😀



Dong Juan Plazuela de Iloilo
Barangay San Rafael, Mandurriao.
San Juan, Iloilo City, Philippines


For reservations:

Telephone No.: (033) 330 3274

dong juan iloilo



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