Digital Nomad: From Passion to Profession (Confessions of a Travel Blogger)

The journey to finding my purpose

Note: This is not a travel guide, rather this is a personal blog. This micro blog, might be able to help you find inspiration for your boring days, for random life circumstances where in you felt like your dancing with your regrets, days when you wanted things right but you keep getting things wrong, moments when you’d rather have your doors shut and just be alone, colorless and hopeless world. To those who are lost and are still trying to discover their purpose. Allow this blog to help you out, even just a bit. Find out what nudged me to this surreal profession and be inspired.

Did my personalized digital nomad passport for 5 hours straight. Did create this out of my love for traveling and my passion for blogging.

Did my personalized digital nomad passport for 5 hours straight. Created this out of my love for traveling and my passion for blogging. From now on, this passport is the ultimate reminder of the path God has been leading me too.

Hello planet Earth! Time check : It’s 1:27 AM , and guess what? I’m still up! Right after being hired as an international travel blogger / contributor for a certain Australian website which caters travel guides for tourists and travelers, random offers have been coming in like raindrops falling on my head. These days are like those moments where you’d rather choose to throw your umbrella away and dance in the rain, than stay home and do your daily routine till the rain stops. I honestly did not expect that applying for some random website on the net would open doors for a crazy career in travel blogging. Discover how this passion turned into a real profession now! The following paragraphs might help you find your purpose in this world. I’m glad I finally found mine. (“A wise man once said, to pray means to find ones purpose.”)



Hong kong

Elementary: Everything started as a hobby. I was born in the 90’s and have fallen in love with writing back in my elementary days.

High School: As someone who’s a bit reserve with life, I’ve always been looking forward to activities which involves writing reflection papers back during my high school days. I guess it’s because writing allows me to express what I feel and who I truly am, writing has always been my way of escaping the noisy world and finding my self in the process. to cut the story short, I grew up expressing my thoughts in writing and I honestly fell in love with it. Here comes the next generation, computers were gradually introduced in schools.

College: Honestly it was like magic, I can’t even recall how I learned to manage random social media accounts on the web from the old school “friendster” down to twitter, instagram, facebook, tumblr, youtube, snapchat etc., Slowly I felt like I was a candy being eaten by these social media sites which actually made my days shorter than the usual. I guess that’s what the word HOBBY is, it’s something you engage in and provides relaxation. Writing and Social media has been some kind of perfect combination to me, it’s existence made me appreciate and find life more meaningful (this statement might not apply to all, but atleast for someone who is internet savy, I’m sure you guys would agree.)

Take your Hobby to the next level




Those written above were some of the big reasons why I personally took AB Communication as a Bachelor’s degree. As you can see, what I did here was to follow what I truly like doing. Luckily I have supportive parents. They would always be there to help and assist me in every step of the way. If you weren’t as lucky as I am and have been brought by strict parents, don’t feel bad. Life would always give us twist and turns, we would always have some random rough challenges which would always bring out the best in us. As what I’ve said in rare cases, that you weren’t able to take the college degree you’d love too finish, I suggest be the support in this situation, finish your current degree, but never stop doing the things you love. Never loose where your inspiration is coming from. Keep holding these precious activities with you. I swear the things done out of love will always drag negativity down. So if your loosing hope and having a hard time finding inspiration at the moment, take a break. Do what you love, visit an old hobby, relax and on the process you’ll surely be able to find that energy you need and would have the strength to go back in the game again.


Back during my college years, I have been so active with various activities, I have been affiliated with random big companies such as ABS CBN and Globe telecom to name a few, I also did some random jobs for the country, I did like what I was doing. Inspiring a lot of people especially the youth during talks and conferences I’ve hosted and have attended as a speaker gave me that in-explainable addicting feeling which made me crave to do more of encouraging people. This dream brought me closer and made me meet one of the US ambassador from Full bright and had allowed me to join anti-human trafficking campaigns and a lot more alike jobs.

As a fresh graduate of AB Communication, I did try applying on random government agencies. yet you could imagine all the rejections of being over qualified and a lot more things like that. Who would hire a fresh grad with so much compilation of experiences and training? You can just imagine, all those sleepless nights, wandering thoughts as to what my purpose is. Since then, I’ve been asking God as to what He’s plans are for me? (I became impatient like any other normal human being.)

Never run away from where life is nudging you


Baguio City

The title says it all. I started traveling since I was 4 years old. I’ve tried sailing in my Tito’s Yacht, super ferrys ( a kind of passenger ship back then which offers service for various people in all sorts of status in life), boats, planes, van, bus, train, etc. I have been to and from various local places as well as other countries. I have been traveling due to life circumstances, vacation (leisure) and business were not the reasons for me transferring from one place to another. I grew up traveling, this subconsciously  turned me into a semi introverted individual. Writing allowed me to express who I am as an introverted person. I guess life has been dragging me to the world of being a nomad and I had no choice but to accept it.

Do more of what makes you happy

In connection to what I have written above, recently I have finally accepted the fact that traveling will always be a part of my life and I can no longer escape from it. I’ve fallen in love with traveling and my only way of tracking the exciting adventures I had and the awesome people I’ve met along the way from countless places was to keep a blog. In order to keep a special memory, I would always take good pictures of the places I’ve been too and the great people I’ve been with. Since I’m always traveling and it seems that life would not allow me to stay in one place for whatever reason…keeping good photos and blogging were things that made me happy. These activities allowed me to recall and reminisce the good times and the mesmerizing places, at least despite the wide gap of the oceans, digital blogging completes me. (This is so true, in fact I’d usually give virtual kisses and hugs to my best friend Kaye Ignacio – Manila, PH (14 yrs and counting). It works for us. you know as the saying goes…

“True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart.”

Take Risks


Northern Philippines

Right after discovering what truly makes me happy and what completes me, I started taking risks. I applied for websites who were hiring travel writers/ bloggers…

Pray & keep the faith

…Then I prayed. prayed even more. I have always been saved and blessed because of my undying faith. God has always been the reason for my existence, and I’ve always believed in the saying that

“Everything happens for a reason.” 

Right there and then, I believed that traveling has always been a part of my life for a reason.

a few days after my application, I received an e-mail that I got hired as one of their international travel writer/ blogger. Finally I found my purpose. I prayed even more and thanked Him a lot this time.

Other Affiliations


Other than being in the blogging industry, I am also a young CEO of ACF Travel & Tours (Family business): being a travel blogger is a win win situation for me and our business! I’d get to purchase discounted plane tickets from our own business and travel to places I’d like to go to and blog about.

Blogging has allowed me to:

  • -Fulfill my dream of inspiring more people.
  • -Market our Family business : ACF Ticketing Services (Your BUDGET haven TICKET shop – We book hotels and plane tickets)
  • -Do more of what I love which was writing.
  • -Enjoy and keep my happiness through taking good photos.
  • -Keep my real friends from various places around the globe and give them virtual hugs and kisses.
  • -Visit random places and see my friends (from different countries and nations) again.

Now, more and more projects and job offers are being asked from me. Left and right collaborations from different bloggers and a lot more a like stuff are being nudged to me. Countless events and numerous conferences are being scheduled. I’m still on the adjusting stage but I guess this is really for real, I can no longer escape from the fact that my passion has now become my profession.

Note: Travel Blogging is not for everyone, I know different individuals were created with love and were designed uniquely for a purpose. Go find your purpose and pursue them!

Advice: Discover your happiness this will open doors and eventually reveal your purpose in this world.

Inspire more


Tokyo, Japan

My motto as of the moment would still be:

“To pray means to find one’s purpose.”

Additional motto:

“Inspire until you expire.”

-I hope I was able to inspire some of you.

-For more travel photos and random life travels please follow me on my instagram account: annetours

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Please take note of the schedule above for my regular blog updates.

Please take note of the schedule above for my regular blog updates.



Levy Anne Amosin (Annetours)

Travel Writer/ Blogger

(Philippine time zone – 1:27 AM -3:25 AM)



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      OMG! it’s a pleasure to be praised by someone like you dear! haha! Thanks Gerald! I hope to see you soon CNN Star!

  • Gretchen L. July 31, 2016 at 5:27 am

    Well-written, Levy! So proud of you! 🙂


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