Boracay 2016: Blogger’s thoughts on Love

Warning: Please excuse me for being Cheesy. This blog is not the usual travel guide, however, this article will somehow give you a glimpse of my personal life as a traveler and as a normal person. I will try my best to describe love by giving you a portion of our Modern Love Story.

I never had time blogging about our feelings for each other or how it was to be in this controversial LDR. (It has always been about me traveling and the wonderful places I’ve been too. I find it a bit corny to broadcast love on the net, yet this trip is just way too inspiring).


Life has always been busy bugging both of us. My guy JP is in Law School (Roxas City, Capiz) and is nearly finished, while I’m a young entrepreneur ( Iloilo/ Manila based) gradually learning things in both local & international ticketing business world. However, this one week trip to Boracay with his family + our 3rd yr anniversary celebration got me literally feeling all these butterflies in my tummy (you can tell! Like hello? I won’t be inspired to write this “cheesy blog” if this trip wasn’t romantic).❤

JP and I have been back and forth to Boracay for 3 years now (countless times to begin with, too many memorable random memories to state down). This island have always been part of our Love story.❤

#Throwback Memories



This is a picture of Me and JP at the white beach back in our Young college days (2014) we were fresh couples back then. Fresh means like, we’ve only been together for a few months during that shot.


This was an instagram photo of me, taken by JP Yap during our trip to Boracay last 2015. JP has always been that supportive when it comes to taking good shots for my instagram feed. This is just one of the many shots he did take. Check out our instagram  accounts ( @annetours & @japzyap ) for more travel diary photos. Haha!

A Selfie from both us with my dog “Queeni” during our short boat trip to Boracay (2015)
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…and here’s a present picture of an ambiance for our 3rd year Anniversary trip at the White Beach Boracay (2016)


One great night in Boracay, JP and I decided to try this “Shisha Smoke” at Aplaya The Beach Bar Station 1, a few more walks after D’Mall, with his pretty cousin Louise Frostwho came all the way from UK, England.

Suddenly on the said same night… “When in Manila” (a famous blog site/ instagram account holder with more than 190,000 followers and 2,000,000 million likes in Facebook) journalists interviewed us (Louise, JP & I) about our memorable experiences in the beautiful Island of Boracay (given the fact that we’ve been in this place for numerous times already), our likes and dislikes, which places, restaurants could we recommend for our fellow travellers and a lot more random stuffs like that.


Beach Bean Bags, Shisha Nights at Aplaya Beach Bar right after the “When in Manila” interview. That’s JP Yap (from the left), Me (Middle) and Louise Frost (Right corner)

These “When in Manila” journalists then started asking questions about romance right after hearing JP and I were couples. We defensively stated during the interview that we don’t do all these chocolates and roses activities, not much traditional romance kind of couple thing, we’re more on the practical side of love. We emphasized then that we’re more of like Life Partners, our presence is more than enough to back each others up when life knocks us down, whenever, wherever! Jp started emphasizing to these journalists things we do together in Boracay for 3 years now, which was mostly composed of Us, Pizza, wine and the beach. We giggled and the journalist started laughing hard with us. He said tho, that we looked deeply and totally in love despite being so defensive of being labeled as this romantic couple. 😂


Love is… mostly composed of your favorite food & drinks (which is PIZZA & WINE for JP & I) , Your favorite place (Beach for JP & I) and that one person who starts that spark in your bonfire heart.

JP is some kind of Territorialcountry guy (What’s mine is mine kind of person.), which makes him naturally and RATIONALLY ROMANTIC in his own special way (Take note: I said “rational” not “emotional”, because you know, we’re not “traditional” haha). I remembered asking him the other night, “Tandaan mo pa nung nag co-court ka sakin, 3 yrs ago, I was in Iloilo, You were in Boracay too…” Then he suddenly cut me off, with these words… “But I don’t court, I take!”-(JP Yap,2016)

Then we started laughing hard and begun to transform ourselves into tomatoes while walking at the white sand beach, back to their villa.



A random shot of the  waves. I took this during our long walk at the white beach (from station 1 -3 to be exact)


I must say Love is… creating wonderful memories at the beach, may it be together or apart. (Amosin,2015)

I can still recall every time JP fetch’s me at Roxas terminal, every single moment I rode he’s car, he starts giggling like a kid, and can no longer concentrate with his driving. (He’s not like this if I’m not the passenger) Then this scenario happened again. Last week, right after fetching me at Roxas Terminal prior to our trip to Boracay, I asked JP why he behaves this way? It’s been years, yet he still can’t concentrate driving when I’m around. He answered mumbling words and started laughing.



that’s the JP  (nervous) face when he’s driving and I’m around. LOL


Hmmm…I guess, Love is… being child at heart and being forgetful of your driving skills when your special one is around.😅

“People like us, we don’t need that much, just some, one that starts, starts that spark our bonfire hearts.”- (James Blunt) a lyric from my favorite song, which totally applies in love. Yes, it has always been that spark, it started everything and it will always be the reason for love’s existence.

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A selfie from JP and I during our 3rd Anniversary at White Beach Boracay, Philippines

There, enough with my romantic, cheesy corny thoughts 😅
I’m ending this blog with my last conclusion. 😂


Love is… having that magical feeling towards another person… that even his absence makes you crave, want and love him even more. (You bet! I found true love in LDR)

Enjoy the random photos (more Must trys in Boracay.)

Processed with Rookie Cam

For the Budget Goers: try the budget meals at “Tree House Manoc Manoc, station 3, Boracay. You’d love to dine literally at this TREE HOUSE.
follow my instagram account : annetours for more travel photos.

follow my instagram account : annetours for more travel photos.

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Follow my instagram account : annetours for more travel photos.

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