Autumn in my heart : Garden of the Morning Calm

South Korea’s Garden of the morning Calm

It was my first time in South Korea. I had a lot on my mind while I stare at the candy coloured sky seen outside my window seat. Despite having one of the busiest schedule for the year, still everything felt so new to me.

I flew to Korea with EON TRAVEL AND TOURS. Along with other tourists booked for Autumn season, we left Incheon Airport early in the morning and was brought to ‘Garden of the morning Calm’. (This place was first on our Itinerary, if you’re booking your trip with EON travel and tours you’d get a copy of your trip inside an orange travel pouch containing your ticket, your IT, a ball pen, and some travel reminders for first time tourists in Korea like me. Along with this travel pouch is a pink bag where clients may use to carry their “Pasalubong” or for other travel usage. )



This has to be one of the most jaw dropping places I have ever seen on earth. Imagine the hues of nature in the form of various layers of leaves carpeting the land. The place lived up to it’s name, indeed it is the ‘Garden of the morning calm’.

We arrived at the area with the cold breeze slowly whistling and kissing our cheeks. Came the bright sky with a few drizzle, showering the garden making it sparkle and glitter.


My eyes were widely open the whole time as my ears admired the instrumental music literally played at the background brought by the scattered speakers around each corner of the garden.

Raindrops fell even harder and it felt like snow for me. I was cold yet the experience felt so enchanting it melted my heart and curiosity kept my body warmer than I could imagine.

I roam around the garden, I saw the prettiest trees swaying and dancing. I can still recall how huge my smile was, as I step on the first autumn leaf that had fallen.

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My eyes got teary as I think of how blessed I am to be able to experience and see such amazing season in South Korea. Never in my wildest dreams have I ever thought that I’d be able to explore and see the said garden in real life. It felt all so surreal, all that was left of me that very moment was a blushing skin, and a wishful heart that someday I will no longer be traveling alone and that I will be joined by someone who does love travel as much as I do.

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The place obviously got me emotional and had me imagine life beyond how the world would usually see it. Everything became fairytale like yet also was a reality for us travelers that day.

If one of you would ask me where to take your special one in South Korea someday, I would strongly recommend you to see the ‘Garden of the Morning Calm’.

Here are some few things that you can do while you’re there:

1. Drink a cup of hot coffee/ chocolate while admiring the gorgeous view of nature.

2. Dance in the rain and find warmth under your lovers arms while exploring the magical garden.

3. Listen to your heart and let it speak to you for a few more minutes, as you enjoy the company of your special one.

4. Tell stories and choose your bench along the adorable bridges carpeted by the colourful leaves during Autumn Season.

I can go on and on but I’d rather have you all find it out for yourselves. Beautiful stories last because they are real and not because they are staged, learn to put your phones down and your cameras hidden once you’re here. You may take photos for remembrance but don’t forget to spend more time experiencing and enjoying the place together.


I hope my experience gave you a glimpse of how unforgettable the ‘Garden of the morning Calm’ can be.


See you all in my next adventure!



Levy Amosin

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