18 Places to see and visit in Iloilo

I started my journey on discovering the rest of my hometown when I got an offer from Marine Wildlife Institute of the Philippines, Up Adcore and Helicam Philippines for a collaboration. As somebody who grew up in Manila and was so used to living with a very busy lifestyle, the drastic changes of moving to a laid back culture got me shocked yet amazed in another sense. As one of the chosen tourism ambassadors of the province to promote and spread awareness on taking care of our dear planet Earth, I honestly, felt really torn between two parties.

As a travel blogger I’m responsible for lifting up the country’s tourism but I would also like to consider that this profession requires me to balance promotion with encouraging my readers to travel responsibly. To cut it short, I would like to let you guys know that as much as excited I am to share the enormously gorgeous destinations Iloilo province can offer, I would also be very happy if each and everyone of you would be able to keep the beauty and the elegance brought by the places you are about to explore and discover along this blog. That would not only make me very happy but would also give mother earth the chance to rejuvenate and showcase its beauty to the younger generation more than we could ever imagine.

Along with my adventures, I opted to list down the top most recommended places to see and visit in Iloilo Province. Read along and prepare to be astonished by Iloilo. (The places we’ve visited are arranged randomly and does not indicate any ranking at all.)

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  1. PINERIDGE MOUNTAIN RESORT, (COFFEE WITH A VIEW) Brgy. Bacolod, Leon Iloilo province

Pineridge Bucari Leon Iloilo




Pineridge Bucari Leon Iloilo



Coffee / House Party

ATV 200php
-Horseback riding (Just like in Baguio)
-House party
And a lot more!

Full bog here: http://hugginghorizons.com/attractions/tips-1st-time-tourists-leon-iloilo-theres-just-bucari/


2. CHASING WATERFALLS (Brgy. Camandag, Brgy. Bonbon & Brgy. Bulwang)

Leon Iloilo Waterfalls


Leon Iloilo Waterfalls


Detailed blog here: http://hugginghorizons.com/attractions/tips-1st-time-tourists-leon-iloilo-theres-just-bucari/


3. CAMPING (Bucari camp)



Bucari Leon Iloilo


Detailed blog here: http://hugginghorizons.com/attractions/tips-1st-time-tourists-leon-iloilo-theres-just-bucari/


4. Taklong Island Marine Reserve Guimaras

Things to do in Taklong Island Guimaras


Things to do in Taklong Island Guimaras


Detailed blog here: http://hugginghorizons.com/attractions/getting-lost-taklong-island-guimaras-top-10-things-see/


5. Taklong Island, Floating Cottage for 50 PHP

Things to do in Taklong Island Guimaras

Things to do in Taklong Island Guimaras

Detailed blog here: http://hugginghorizons.com/attractions/getting-lost-taklong-island-guimaras-top-10-things-see/



6. Waterworld Iloilo (The Adult’s playground)

Death defying slides and more! Full blog found here: http://hugginghorizons.com/travel-2/waterworld-iloilo-grown-ups-playground-rates-virtual-tour/

Waterworld Iloilo

Water world Iloilo Speed shooters


7. Balay Kogon ( Ayalaland Hotels and Resorts Corp.) – Sicogon Resort

Sicogon Island


Balay Kogon - Sicogon


Detailed blog found here: http://hugginghorizons.com/travel-2/sicogons-priceless-tan-lines-memories/


8. Snorkeling in Sicogon

Sicogon Island

Shots taken using SUPREMO 4K



A shot taken by Helicam Philippines during our tourism video shoot this month.

Other reasons why you have to visit Sicogon? Click Here.


9. 15 PHP Budget SPELUNKING (Caving) in Dingle, Iloilo Province!

Caving in Dingle





Location: Bulabog Putian National Park


10. Chasing Nagpana Waterfalls in Barotac Viejo



11. Snorkeling in Hibotkan Marine Sanctuary, Banate Iloilo Province



A drone shot taken by Helicam Philippines





Just look how beautiful life is underwater. <3 Never thought I’d fall in love with this place, but then I honestly did. The experience was tough & really hard but totally worth it.


Budget : 700PHP/ Boat (200 for the Tour guide and 500 for the bangka)

🌸Be responsible when traveling.
🐠Pick up your trash & don’t be a litter bug.
🏝 Put your litters in the bin & not in the ocean.
🐠Make sure your sunscreen is Coral Reef safe.
👣Be sensitive enough with mother earth.


12. Postcard worthy places of Barotac Viejo


Photo of me taken while we were on our way to Ajuy, Iloilo

13. Tree houses of Isla Gigantes






My favorite spot at Hideaway Resort, Isla Gigantes

Highly recommending this place for budget Travelers who’d like to experience The Land of the giants!

14. Visit the Ruins of Ajuy







Tip: Climb the lighthouse for a better view of the Island.

Location : Calabazas Island

15. Lunch by the Floating Cottage of Hideaway Isla Gigantes Resort


For reservations and other inquiries please click HERE.

16. Marbuena Resort’s infinity pool! – Ajuy Iloilo




Too bad when we arrived at the island t’was low tide. I swear the ambiance here is way more breathtaking in real life.


17. Zip line, Staycation and more at Damires Hills – Janiuay Iloilo



Notice how artsy the Cogons in Damires hills are!

18. Postcard worthy churches of Iloilo

7 post card worthy churches of Iloilo

Click HERE for the full blog.

Itching to visit and explore Iloilo province now? Please know that I’m as much as excited as you guys are! These are only few of the many things and gorgeous places you can see in Iloilo, and the only way to find out more sweet escapades in this province is to see and experience it first hand, stop Google-ing and fly to Iloilo!



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