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RHO - Father's Day Buffet, 2

Richmonde Hotels: Your ultimate partner this Father’s Day

A week ago I’ve received another press release from Richmonde Hotels and I just can’t wait to share this with you guys! Father’s day is fast approaching and I have 2 press releases to share with you all. Read along and prepare yourselves for the mouthwatering and scrumptious articles written by no other than Miss ANNIE R. DIOSO, the Director of Communications…

Richmonde hotel Iloilo, hugging horizons

Richmonde Iloilo Highlights: Our Sweet Escape

People have been wondering how we managed to stay in love despite the LDR? (Read along to find out the answer) With all our busy schedule mine as an influencer, travel and fashion blogger and JP Yap as someone who goes to law school, it seems impossible for us to find time together. In fact when Richmonde Hotel Iloilo asked me to…

Richmonde Hotels, Richmonde Iloilo

The Richmonde Hotel Experience (Rates + Virtual Tour)

Last November 13, 2016 I, together with two more travel bloggers – Mark Conrad of staycationphilippines.com & Carla Abanes of justravellingsolo.com  received a warm welcome from Richmonde Hotel Iloilo.     Allow me to share what the hotel have arranged for us, the following are the complimentary activities which truly made our visit memorable:     Sunday, November 13, 2016 Complimentary…

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