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Alliance: Ang Lunas Co. Announces Partnership with Hugging Horizons

Manila, Philippines–Hugging Horizons the long running travel and lifestyle website catering precious memories, gorgeous travel destinations and curated international and local branded contents, today announced that it has partnered with Ang Lunas Co. a youth-run organization of artists, designers, and photographers looking to raise funds for commissions through creating artworks and producing merchandise to expand its presence in South East Asia and…

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ILOILO: The First Virtual Arcade Zone, blew my mind!

Have you ever tried something in your life that blew your mind? Well, I did! Here’s how the story goes, I was in Plazuela de Iloilo the other day with some friends, and one of them suddenly started talking about the coolest VR arcade in town. They told me its’ all over the social media specifically in Facebook and its’…



Iloilo City has recently been crowned as the ultimate Coffee Wonderland in Western Visayas (check the list of numerous Cafes here : http://hugginghorizons.com/travel/iloilo-city-a-canned-coffee-wonderland-cafes-coffee-houses/ ) , however little did some of you (except for the locals, of course.) know that Iloilo City is also considered as the food Haven of Western Visayas. The number of restaurants in the city seemed to be uncontrollably…

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Told Anecdotes of a South Korean Military (A Travel Confession)

Today, I am going to share a short and interesting story about a real incident or person. In this blog you’ll find a travel confession from a discharged South Korean Military. A few weeks ago I spent a week in Manila for the Travel Blogger’s Exchange Convention and was able to meet one of my closest friends in my previous college…

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Cat Cafe Manila PH (A City Guide) #FURiend

Last October 17, 2016. I’ve decided to visit the Cat Cafe Manila!  In this City Guide you will find the following essential categories: CAT CAFE MANILA VIDEO – Hugging horizon visits Visiting the Cafe House Rules Admission Fee Explore the Cafe Cat Shop Adopt a FURever Friend Reserve Tickets Location According to Cat Cafe Manila their mission is to spread our…


E-Shop Boutique (My Designs & More)

Shop @ HUGGING HORIZONS What’s Available: *Jewelry* The rest are coming soon! in this post you’ll find my designs along with other products.  To purchase one, feel free to contact and e-mail me at hugginghorizons@gmail.com You can also comment your requests and suggestions below! (Personal Designs) My designs are my ways to express my character as a traveler and as…

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