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Hong Kong Expat Stories: 3 Ootds I wore this June

June is considered as one of the hottest season in Hong Kong. Being in Hong Kong countless times for the past 5 years, forced me to blend in and adopt their lifestyle on some cultural aspects and their outlook in life. This country thought me to appreciate ourselves in order to advance in life and there’s no other obvious way…


Top 5 Hong Kong Luxury Shopping Malls (A Travel Guide) 

Top 5 Upscale Shopping malls in Hong Kong and Where to find them! Good day Readers! The beautiful Hong Kong has always been named as part of the Top 10 cities in the world with the most wealthy people worldwide! Have you ever wondered where the elites or these financially blessed people shop? Trivia: Four of these luxury malls are…


Hong Kong: Travel Hacks & Free tours for quick staycation (A city guide)

HK Private City Guide : A quick Downtown Tour Ni hao! 你好 Hong Kong is not a budget travel destination, but if you keep these rules, you will definitely save a lot on your next trip! In this City Guide you’ll find travel tips for short business “staycations”, mostly this guide composes of the following essential ideas: Personally recommended Hotel in Central Hong Kong.…

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