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Catch them All at Pokemon Center Sapporo Japan: Travel Guide

 Gonna Catch them All at Pokemon Center Sapporo (Japan) Konichiwa! Shout out to all Pokemon Goers out there! Gonna catch them all ey? I am freaking fascinated with this Pokemon Go free-to-play app!People who used to lock themselves out in the real world started mingling with random people, started making  new friends and begun creating new social groups for fun. The…

a shot taken from JR tower at Hokkaido,Sapporo Japan. More travel photos at my instagram account: annetours

Things to do in Hokkaido, Japan: Okurayama Viewing Point

Konichiwa! This micro blog will somehow give you the idea of what Okurayama Viewing Point can offer! I’m so excited to share what this amazing place holds. To begin with, Okurayama Viewing point also known as Okurayama Jump stadium is located at the  North side of the beautiful country Japan. Everything there is mesmerizing. To be specific, you’ll find this…

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