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Snapseed (99)

5 Life lessons I learned from my journey w/ HeliCam Philippines

Obviously this is not one of the usual travel guides and fashion blog post. This blog is more of an appreciation post of the people behind the success of every tourism video posted online, specifically the ones defining the Iloilo community. I’ve been with these guys for quite a while and waking up today with no schedule of visiting another…


18 Places to see and visit in Iloilo

I started my journey on discovering the rest of my hometown when I got an offer from Marine Wildlife Institute of the Philippines, Up Adcore and Helicam Philippines for a collaboration. As somebody who grew up in Manila and was so used to living with a very busy lifestyle, the drastic changes of moving to a laid back culture got…

Sicogon Island

Wonders of Iloilo : Sicogon’s priceless tan lines and memories

I apologize for being so inconsistent on blogging about what and where I’ve been up to lately. My latest project with Helicam Philippines, a prestigious company composed of talented and smart business men who’s into drones and “heli” shots, have recently caught me off guard. I mean my blogging schedules have been overlapping lately with the trips and shoots we…

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