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GPSmyCity Boracay Giveaway

My Travel App Obsession: GPSmyCity (GIVEAWAYS)

Travelling has been consistent in providing me the happiness I’ve always been thirsty for. However, travelling without keeping track of your budget could be a little bit pricey than you thought it could be. So, if you’re like me, who’d like to have all the practical information handy way before landing in a new country or a new place, then…

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Baguio City: Authentic Igorot Cuisines (City Guide)

List of Cordilleran Themed Restaurants Just this year, I had a long staycation in Baguio City with my family. A cultural trip like this one should always be sealed with the best food offered in town and one way to discover culture is through cuisine! For today’s feature, I will be sharing some of the best restaurants in Baguio that…

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