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Reducing Psychological Impacts of Quarantine: A travel blogger’s Journal

TOURISM PROMOTIONS BOARD (Spotlight Magazine Issue)

The stress of confinement has slowly been creeping up after months of Quarantine. True, we are living in the strangest era. As someone who has been out and about , our current situation has greatly affected me. However, I also found ways to cope up and stay sane despite these challenging times. I’m very much grateful that Tourism Promotions Philippines has allowed me to share some practices at home that has helped a lot in reducing the psychological impacts of Quarantine.

Below is the official copy of a full page featuring from TPB’s Spotlight issue (April-June 2020)

Tourism Promotions Board

Hoping everyone is staying safe and healthy despite all. No matter how hard things are at the moment, remember that the world was never under your control to begin with, yet you made it this far. Stop worrying, you are stronger and braver than you think!


Levy Amosin

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