Quarantine Vlog 05: Art Therapy Part 2


How have you guys been? As for me, I have been trying my best to cope up with our current situation.

A quick recap, I have been doing Art Therapy sessions to keep my mind busy and least divert my attention from the devastating news around us.

The Philippines has recently been experiencing a huge increase of COVID-19 cases in the past few days, people are asked to stay home most of the time and are only allowed to go out when it’s essential.

Also it has recently been raining quite hard. The bed weather is making me crave Korean spicy noodles for which I totally gave in when I did one of my Art Therapy sessions this week.

On this blog update, I will be sharing a Vlog uploaded on my Youtube channel. This Quarantine Vlog number 5 contains a visually pleasing edited time lapse video of me and my painting sessions for the past 3 days. Enjoy!

Stay home guys, stay sane and safe. I’ll see you all on the road again soon!



Levy Amosin


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