Mindfulness Journey: 30 Days Guide of being kind to your mind


Boosting our mental and physical fortitude is one way of taking care of our mental health. On my 6th week in taking Master of Arts in Psychology, I have learned to value the magic of compassion and mindfulness journey a lot than I did ever before. I wish to share some ways to help you guys ease when the going gets tough. Below are some challenges that you may pick each day to help you strengthen your body, mind and emotional state.


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DAY 1 : Wake up 15 minutes earlier than the usual

I remember this beautiful words from a good friend of mine, when I was still striving to survive my way living alone in Manila prior to the Pandemic. This helped me cleared my mind, set and finish more goals for the day, and totally enhanced my mood too!

DAY 2: Go on a morning Stroll

I suggest that you take extra precautionary measures when you do this since we are still in the middle of a Pandemic. Be sure to wear protective mask and face shield during your morning strolls.

DAY 3: Avoid Social Media for today

Allow your mind to take things slowly, take a rest and enjoy a good cup or tea or coffee. You may choose to read a book and play with your pet for a while. Do everything you wish to do aside from checking updates from social media, doing this will allow you to breathe better and keep your calm for the whole day. Trust me, social media detox is one of the most effective way to help yourself recharge from a current burnout.

DAY 4: Take on a task you usually would pass on

Challenge yourself to explore your abilities for that day. This will help you rediscover yourself in one way or another and may also give you a sense of fulfilment without even noticing it.

DAY 5: Treat yourself with your favorite meal

Indulging yourself with good food is never a wrong idea to pamper and treat yourself after a long day at work or in school. You know you deserve it!

DAY 6: Go on a 5 minute meditation

I have to be honest that when the Pandemic started, I became so anxious that it affected my daily routine. One of the most effective way that has slowly brought me back to my usual pace were meditation exercises. 5 minute meditation a day goes a long way.

DAY 7: Date your parents

This has to be one of the most rewarding break on this list. In fact, this is a dream to many, so if you are blessed enough to have the time in your hands, go take your parents out on a date. This day will be so special, you would even want to go back to it even during the darkest parts of your life.


(c) Desa Tayting of When in Manila

(c) Desa Tayting of When in Manila

DAY 8: Declutter your room

Doing this will help you focus and be more productive more than ever.

DAY 9: Watch a concert (Online)

Music is therapeutic. Listening to a favorite tune instantly transports us to a mood we prefer to be in. Watching a concert of a band you do love will do more than that.

DAY 10: Listen to an inspirational Audiobook 

Pump yourself. Remind your soul why you wanted something so badly. This will not only enhance your mind but will also take your heart back to that dream you have always wanted to achieve.

DAY 11: Be a vegetarian for a day

Do something to help your digestive system smile even just for that day. You will thank yourself for doing this someday.

DAY 12: Introduce yourself to a new hobby

Discovering more about ourselves will never be boring. Check your abilities and allow yourself to be introduced into a new hobby.

DAY 13: Leave work early

You have always been productive. You have accomplished so much since day 1, give yourself this day to go home early. You know you deserve this a lot.

DAY 14: Go for a 30 minute jog

Release those endorphins and thank yourself afterwards.


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DAY 15: Have a zoom meeting and eat breakfast (virtually) with an old friend

How stress relieving does this sound? Prior to the pandemic, I used to eat breakfast from the different corners of the world, usually I would be doing this with my family and most of the time with friends. Don’t let this pandemic steal the magic friendships away from us. We can always find ways to reconnect and share laughter like before.

DAY 16: Eat Dark Chocolate

Eat Dark Chocolate and smile your way throughout the day.

DAY 17: Take long hot baths

Doing this will help your blood circulate more and boost your mood the whole day. This is one of the most effective mindfulness routine I’ve done too and safe to say is one of my favorites as well.

DAY 18: Ride a bike

Breathe. Bike around your neighborhood if you must and relive your childhood days.

DAY 19: Experiment on a new meal

This is an exercise to both heart and mind. Doing so will have you reevaluate your choices and improve your cooking skills too!

DAY 20: Clean up your Facebook Friends list

Remove people who you are not familiar with in the first place. If you’re a public figure, stick to your public page and keep your private accounts private, in this manner you’ll have a peaceful social media feed.

DAY 21: Finish a video game 

Another way of reliving our childhood. I find this therapeutic in a way too.


Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

DAY 22: Send someone a “Thank you” note

Be grateful for the little things and thank someone today. This will remind you how beautiful it is to have someone help you with your tasks even with the smallest ones,

DAY 23: Talk to your plants

I’ve read a lot of good books saying how gardening keeps our mental state healthy. Surrounding ourselves with greenery will not help us breathe better but will also boost our mood.

DAY 24: Watch a funny movie

When was the last time you laughed? You owe this to yourself.

DAY 25: Spend time with a furry pet

Human as we are. Give yourself this day to spend an ample time to recharge and play with your furry pet at home.

DAY 26: Hand Craft a Home Decoration

Allow you creativity juices to flow even at the comfort of your own home.

DAY 27: Zest up your water with lemon

Nourish your body and quench your thirst with a detoxifying drink.

DAY 28: Buy a loved one gift

Or maybe send someone a care package. Tough times may have allowed our spirits to be braver, yet also calls for our hearts to be more compassionate.

DAY 29: Play board games

Ah! This list goes on with ways to relive our childhood, simply because its never enough to just reminisce the past, it it equally essential to allow ourselves to stay in touch with nice memories that has helped us grow into the person we are now.

DAY 30: Kneel down and Pray

When was the last time you paused in the middle of your productive day and recalled how blessed you are that you made it? Humble yourself and allow God to takeover your life. Pray and stay grateful for everything that you have. This borrowed life will never be purposive without God’s guidance. God has always been and will always be the purpose of our existence.

If you have reached this part of the blog, I would like to personally thank you for sharing your time in reading my thoughts and this simple mindfulness journey guide. If you like this content, feel free to share it with your loved ones and the rest of the people you think needs it the most. Stay safe and sane. See you all on the road soon.


Levy Amosin

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