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Savoy Hotel Manila: Impeccable space for Jet setters

A great hotel indeed does make a great trip. For jet setters, who spend most of their lives catching flights, a place to prepare and get their things done is very essential.


Being a person who travels frequently and a woman who wears many hats both in the tourism and journalism industry, I have to admit that the hotel I’m staying should complement the purpose of my trip, all the more if I’m having a crazy schedule.

Savoy Hotel Manila is a space brilliantly designed to get things done while having the chance to relax and unwind too.


  • Location


Location wise, Savoy Hotel Manila is the smartest place to stay when catching a flight, specifically for passengers with booked international flights via Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 or Cebu Pacific Airlines.


  • Productivity (Squares)


In case you need to finish some tasks or answer emails, the hotel offers a free use of their Mac computers for in-house guests. Here you may also plug in your laptop at their provided power outlets and get your work done. You may find all these at ‘The Squares’ (2nd floor). Board games are also available for you to enjoy during your spare time.


  • Get fit, Lounge and relax (Fitness Gym & the Pool Bar)

I also had the chance to lounge and enjoy some time alone before my appointments in the afternoon. I woke up early and took some leg work at the fitness gym.

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After sorting out my meetings that day, I enjoyed some rest and relaxation at The Pool Bar, here I took a quick dip at their 4ft. pool and enjoyed a chef’s discretion dish prepared by the pool side one sunny afternoon.

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  • Food and Beverage


For two consecutive mornings, I had a scrumptious breakfast at the hotel Cafe, located at the right side of the main lobby. A runway breakfast buffet awaits every guest checked in every morning.



I was joined by a prestigious online personality— Celine Murillo of during my first evening dinner. Celine is vegan so we also had savoy salad prepared by the chef that evening. (We politely asked the one who’s tasked to entertain us that evening to separate egg, salad sauce and meat strips for my friend’s vegan diet. The staff was very much eager to please us and served a different batch of salad with our instructions followed. I have to commend the Food and beverage team for being polite and patient to their guests. Seldom do we encounter a management this concern and kind in the hotel industry.)


(The ‘Savoy Salad’ photo with intact ingredients)

A great dining experience with my dear friend occurred that night. The hotel’s Chef on the other hand prepared a dish that totally blown me away—The Savoy Burger.


The Savoy Burger is made of the following ingredients:

160 gram beef patty, crisp bacon, cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, gherkin, fried onion rings, sauteed shiitake mushroom, poached egg in smoked hickory barbeque sauce, sandwhiched in special matcha Sesame buns.

Served in a humongous size, it left me no choice but to have it wrapped and took it back to my room. The serving was huge enough for three people to share in my honest opinion.



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I’ve said this on my instagram post, but I’ll say it again—Never have I ever been in love with bedroom interiors this way. The rooms in Savoy Hotel Manila are perfectly designed for a chic traveller.



There are 684 suites ranging of 21-50 sq. m. The room is glamorous, the walls were painted in plain but modern colours balanced by electric curtains in grey. The splash of purple, lilac, lavender, yellow and pink printed on the comforter resembled the sunset leaving me in awe.



Sunset came and literally had my jaws dropped when the room gave me an access to view it with planes flying to and from various destinations that day. I’m in love with sunsets and planes, it was perfect for me. A lovely scene.

One of my most unique and memorable stay in Manila I must say.



To conclude my stay, Savoy Hotel Manila is perfect for jet setters and business travelers too. Here time is valuable, here you can access all things travel in just one snap. Savoy Hotel Manila makes the lives of busy individuals easier than one could possibly ever imagine.


Hope you guys liked this Hotel review. If so, please don’t forget to share this article to someone you think needs this.


Till my next blog.



Levy Amosin

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