Richmonde hotel Iloilo, hugging horizons

Richmonde Iloilo Highlights: Our Sweet Escape

People have been wondering how we managed to stay in love despite the LDR? (Read along to find out the answer) With all our busy schedule mine as an influencer, travel and fashion blogger and JP Yap as someone who goes to law school, it seems impossible for us to find time together. In fact when Richmonde Hotel Iloilo asked me to come by again, we honestly had a hard time to find a workable schedule for each other. But with all the stars lining up that day… Finally we found a common weekend!


Richmonde Hotel Iloilo is one of my favorite luxurious hotel in the city. Every weekends spent here felt like an entirely new experience. Never a dull moment I tell you! For those who has been following me before, I’m pretty sure you’ve read my first review of the hotel with my younger sister, Chloe: (Read more here) The Richmonde Hotel Experience (Rates + Virtual Tour)


Richmonde Iloilo with My #BloggerJowa : JP Yap

Richmonde Iloilo, hugging horizons

I’m finally back, I just can’t wait and share with you guys how our staycation went and how great the accommodation is at Richmonde! For this blog post I’ll be sharing our precious moments together and unfold how Richmonde became home to our fondest memories.

Allow me to lay down the itinerary given to us by Richmonde Hotels and Resorts, so you too can visualize how great it is to spend your weekends here too. I just love how hands on and dedicated their management is when it comes to taking care of their guests. Let’s begin?

Checked in : 12:00 Noon of Staurday, May 27, 2017

Richmonde hotel Iloilo


We were then welcomed by the comfiest bed ever! Richmonde gave us the Premier Room. The room was extravagantly spacious, designed to accommodate over 3 beautiful human beings 😉

The room also features Richmonde’s signature Luxe bed with beddings of 300 thread-count sheets.

Here are room amenities

  • Electronic key card system
  • Centralized air conditioning with individual temperature control
  • Wi-Fi access
  • 40″ Flat screen TV with cable channels, and USB & HDMI ports
  • Universal outlets
  • Coffee-/Tea-making facilities
  • Mini bar
  • In-room safe
  • Complete toiletries
  • Bedroom slippers
  • Bathrobe (upon request)
  • Hair dryer
  • Private toilet and bath
  • Hot/cold shower with mounted rain shower head and adjustable sliding hand held shower head
  • Telephone in bedroom & bathroom
  • Iron and board
  • Writing desk & chair
  • Complimentary bottled water replenished daily

Oh so comffffffffffffffffyyyyyyyyyyy!

Richmonde hotel Iloilo,hugging horizons

Richmonde Hotel Iloilo’s welcoming letter for me

My #staycations and work as a social media influencer and blogger always comes with love letters from the people I’m working with, below is a picture of the letter from Richmonde Hotel’s Management.

Richmonde hotel Iloilo,hugging horizons


A quick tour of the 5th Floor

Where our room was located.

Richmonde hotel Iloilo,hugging horizons

Richmonde hotel Iloilo,hugging horizons

Atrium (5/F)
This quaint area is an ideal spot where guests can entertain visitors, have quick meetings with business associates, or just lounge around during their stay. – RHI Official website


Fitness Center (7/F)

Equipped with modern exercise machines and open 24 hours daily for in-house guests, the gym also has professional fitness trainers to assist whenever available. – RHI official website

Richmonde hotel Iloilio

(c) RHI official website


Complimentary use of the pool (7/F Open from 6 AM – 8 PM)

Richmonde hotel Iloilo,hugging horizons

Posing for a photo sporting my favorite swim suit from Angel Fish Resort wear of Robinsons Department store at the view deck of Richmonde’s pool bar.

Richmonde hotel Iloilo,hugging horizons

Who took the photo?

JP Yap did of course! My Chinese lover have been so consistent with taking good shots of me lately. In a world full of judgments and misinterpretations, love and support are some of the few things that true love alone can provide. I guess these are some of the priceless factors that kept us going despite the distance.

Richmonde hotel Iloilo,hugging horizons

What I’m wearing?

Angelfish Resortwear Iridescent Fashion is UPF 50+ Ultraviolet Protection Factor, UPF means the garment is a sun protective clothing that is designed to protect the skin.

angelfish resort wear

Summer Coolers and Snacks for two at the Pool Bar ( Open from 12 Noon – 8 PM)

This was part of the complimentary activities arranged for us during our stay. Allow the photos to give you a glimpse of the summer coolers we ordered and the afternoon treats (600php nett good for 2 pax) served that romantic afternoon.

Richmonde hotel Iloilo,hugging horizons

The Afternoon Treat

Richmonde hotel Iloilo,hugging horizons


Composed of …

Canapes, pastries, and a mini-version of Richmonde's signature ensaymada with two cups of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. (Good for 2 pax)

Canapes, pastries, a mini-version of Richmonde’s signature ensaymada with two cups of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. (Good for 2 pax)

The Summer Coolers

Summer coolers at Richmonde

Strawberry Smoothie for JP

Summer coolers at Richmonde iloilo

Kiwi Smoothie for me

How much?

Check the price list! (Some may say its pricey, but then I have to insist that with the ambiance and mesmerizing view the place provides, I’d say every penny spent is worth it.)

Summer coolers at Richmonde

Dinner Buffet for two at The Granary, served from 6PM- 10PM

We were also given a chance to dine at the Granary that night. We enjoyed and tried all the scrumptious dishes. Here are some of the stations at The Granary that caught my attention.

The Grilled Station

Richmonde hotel Iloilo,hugging horizons



Richmonde hotel Iloilo,hugging horizons



Tapa Station

Richmonde hotel Iloilio


 Here are some other photos taken during our Buffet dinner at The Granary

Richmonde hotel Iloilio the granary

Richmonde hotel Iloilio the granary

JP enjoying his steak.

Richmonde hotel Iloilio the granary

Our Buffet Selfie <3

Richmonde hotel Iloilio the granary

Beer Match for two at the Bizbar with weekend entertainers, open till 12 midnight

Exactly right after the buffet, we spent another precious time at the Bizbar. Here’s what they served us…

Richmonde hotel Iloilio the Bizbar

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Breakfast Buffet fro two at The Granary

Good morning world! <3 Here are some photos taken before our breakfast buffet experience…

Richmonde hotel Iloilo,hugging horizons



Richmonde hotel Iloilo, hugging horizons



Our breakfast

Richmonde hotel Iloilo,hugging horizons


From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to thank Richmonde Hotel Iloilo for accommodating us once again! I can officially say that Richmonde is home to our fondest memories. And to answer the question above… in order to survive the challenges brought by distance, both parties must learn to adjust and find time in order to be with each other, this will make the relationship grow and make you appreciate love more than you could ever imagine. Hope you guys had fun reading this part of my life!


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