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PH: Experience this dream travel destination without emptying your wallet

Trying times. With the world facing the threats of COVID-19 pandemic, traveling could be the hardest thing done today. The recent ‘Lockdown’ and quarantine measures have caused the rise of mental issues such as anxiety, depression and a lot more. Indeed, stress confinement is real.

I’m pretty sure with everything that we’ve been through, our hearts are silently screaming to breathe again, change the environment, get pampered in a hotel  staycation, travel and meet strangers in a brand new city.

Travelling has always been proven to help people cope with their anxiousness and distress. A much needed ‘sanity break’ is something that may cure the poisonous deafening silence of sadness which has greatly affected all of us during this dark age. Despite the current situation, I wish to inspire you by providing relevant travel tips like great budget hotels  for your sanity break, so that when the world begins to open its door again, we will be ready.

Being locked down in the Philippines might have restricted our ability to tour different countries around the world, but it also gave us the reason to travel and experience more about our jaw dropping country first. Sure, we may not have the world’s most powerful passport but we have numerous world-class destinations not to mention, the several hidden gems begging to be discovered. Below are some of the amazing places that I have recently been to:

(c) Mujee Gonzales of Eats in the Philippines

(c) Mujee Gonzales of Eats in the Philippines – Shot taken in Seco Island, Antique Philippines


(c) Ferdz Decena of Iron Wulf

(c) Iron Wulf Shot taken in Mararison Isand


Liwa-liwa Zambales

Liwa-liwa Zambales


Guimaras, Island

Guimaras, Island


Nagpatong Rock Formation

Nagpatong Rock Formation




Calawag Resort, Antique

Calawag Resort, Antique

There’s so much more to see in the Philippines. Yet, I’ve always had this dream destination which I’m definitely looking forward to visit and experience when all of this is finally over. Allow me to share more about a dream travel destination that has always been calling my attention —Vigan, Ilocos Sur.


Vigan, Ilocos Sur ( A trip to reminisce the past)

I’m drawn to stories of the past, I find history as something that will forever bind us to a promising future. My views may be different to others yet, I believe that our ancestors certainly have something to do with how we’ve become who we are now and would eventually aid us growth in the next years to come. Our culture will always be a part of who we are as a human being and this is the reason why I’ve always dreamed of visiting Vigan City. It was caused by a prompting in my heart to experience a preserved heritage city in Ilocos Sur. 

I’ve always had a list of places and things I wanted to try when I get the chance to visit Vigan City, below are some of it:


1. Experience Calle Crisologo

I can already picture myself wandering and posing along the well-preserved cobblestoned street that’s surrounded by rustic mansions. To experience horse-drawn carriages as I roam around the place with gorgeous ancestral houses dating back to the Spanish colonization of the Philippines in the 16th century. 


2. Indulge in Gastronomic Adventure

Along with my adventures, culture would never be fully explained without food. I believe, I’ve heard enough of their mouthwatering Ilocano dishes to convince me that this place is definitely worth the visit.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

(Photo is an archive shot taken in one of my favorite hotels in Metro Manila)

3. Staycation and take a break

ED8122A7-C581-42E2-86FF-07631FE43BC7 (Photo taken during my last staycation in Tagaytay, Philippines right before the 2020 volcanic eruption)

Vigan City is teeming with hotels, hostels or inns, and various accommodations for travelers who like overnight stay or extended vacations. Due to its popularity this destination understandably gets fully booked during peak seasons, all the more for the hotels located in the City Center or near Calle Crisologo.

Good thing I have found a way to cut the expenses for a nice stay. I found this trusted travel partner which offers a variety of amazing hotels ! In fact they have an ongoing sale for as low as 799 PHP/ night for our future domestic travel plans this 2020! This right here could be one of the best travel hack I can share.

These are only a few of the many adventures I wish to experience and regain my energy back. The world has been dragging us down a lot, it’s exhausting. We badly need that break after lock down. Ending this post with a reminder, that the world would never stop for us, it keeps going and surprises us with matters beyond our imaginations. It will always be up to us to take care of ourselves.

Traveling to our dream destination is one of the many breaks we need to rest our mind and body. A break powerful enough to refuel our passions to live a life full of purpose, when all of this is over. I urge you to take that much needed sanity break to give it your best once again. See you on the road again soon. 

***Featured Photo was taken in Dioso Farm Antique, Philippines during a Famtrip with travel bloggers.

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