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My 5 Treasured days and 4 nights at Richmonde Hotel Ortigas

A week have passed yet I still am dreaming of my latest staycation in Manila. It was far by one of the most tiring solo trip, I have ever been to. Not because I was blogging but also because I was actually doing business for ACF Travel and Tours. It has always been my forte to juggle tasks, but I must admit, this trip had me missed a lot of obligations due to overlapping schedules and busy meetings here and there. It’s not easy to mix business with pleasure, it’s not even easier to travel, model, endorse, take pics of places, meet different groups of people, reply to every single email, respond to texts, answer calls, promote products and take note of every single detail on a certain event and do it over and over again for the next day.

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An Eye opener…

In short this recent trip, had opened a lot of opportunities both in the blogging industry and the business sector as well, some people call it the “Happy Problem” but I’d like to consider mine a “Typhoon of blessings” (All for God and all from God). This trip is indeed an eye opener, I found who I really wanna be, I found the essence of living and why I am this determined. I may be in Manila, obviously far from home but Richmonde Hotel Ortigas made it a point to make me feel home and safe and happy no matter how tired and restless I get every single day of this trip.

Thank you Richmonde Hotel Ortigas for being my home

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    (A welcoming letter from Richmonde Hotel Ortigas and a list of my hotel Itinerary for my stay)

I had to be a blogger and a merchant at the same time on a travel fair where I got invited to. I had to be a blogger and an entrepreneur on meetings I had to attend to. It all felt like, I literally have to cut my self into pieces just so I could do certain things the right way at the right time with the right people. It was literally one confusing week, I had so much on my plate, even my planner can no longer fit things… Having said all these facts about my life recently, I would wholeheartedly like to thank Richmonde Hotels, specifically Richmonde Hotel Ortigas for keeping me safe and being my home during the most hectic days of my life in Manila.

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Enough with me and all my scattered dilemmas, come read along and experience my home in Ortigas through this blog post. Ready for my Richmonde Hotel Ortigas Diary? Let’s begin in 3…2…1


Shall we begin with my room? Okay? Okay!

My Room


The management entrusted me with a suite room, surrounded by gigantic glass windows over looking the view of skyscrapers in Ortigas.

Some tourists might close the curtains for privacy, but it was my personal choice to have it widely opened the whole time even as I sleep, simply because the views inspired me to strive harder, work three times more to achieve my dreams and be a better version of myself.

The Huge Glass Windows

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The view from my room literally mesmerized me every single time I chose to open my eyes in the morning and shut them off after a stressful day. The view from my room had me speechless at times of break from the meetings , silenced by how stunning life could be if only I could push my self harder and go further than the norms. The view from my room alone is an inspiration for my days ahead.

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The room arrangement

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My room was arranged like a workspace yet balanced with comfort and style by the elegant interiors and sweet foamy queen sized bed positioned at the corner facing the huge glass windows.

The Comfort Room

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I am an old sould, I like all things fancy just like how it was back then, not forced but naturally elegant. The vibe from the comfort room was sophisticatedly designed and projects that life is indeed rich.

Walk in Closet


Yay! I have the fanciest walk-in Closet I swear! Here’s a photo of the room’s walk in closet. (Uh-huh definitely every girls dream!)

Richmonde Cafe


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One of the best hotel cafes I have been to, I must say! Interiors are way too lovely and accommodating, eating here would make anybody stay longer than they expected. I mean I had my business meetings here (Where-in I got to try their lunch buffet), my breakfast buffets (For 5 days) and Ala Carte dinner too! Check the photos to see what I had during my stay…

Breakfast Buffet

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Lunch Buffet


Dinner (Ala Carte)

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Richmonde Hotel Cafes will always have my heart for their great food and good service, not to mention their mouthwatering dishes. I personally love the sushi 🍣, that was indeed a night to remember.

The Exchange


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The Exchange is a hotel bar open for both walk in clients and in-house guests. They serve exquisite drinks and snack bar buffet style during the HAPPY HOUR (Monday- Friday from 6PM-9PM) for 585PHP. Check the photos I took during my experiential stay…

Drink all you can!


Eat all you can BAR CHOW!

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This Happy Hour offer is indeed worth every penny. I mean hello! Let the good times roll you guys!


The Heated pool


This one right here is my favorite, it’s best for Ber months plus ideal for rainy season too! Imagine your self swimming at the heated pool, how relaxing can this be? Perfect for family and group getaways too!

Lobby Cafe

Pampered much? Yes. By the time I had to leave the hotel, the management asked me to drop by the Lobby Cafe for pastries and coffee. After checking out, I immediately went for my last treat at Richmonde Hotel Ortigas. I ordered the signature Richmonde Ensaymada with a twist (Salted egg ensaymada) and Coffee. Literally, the serving was huge and looks purposely good for 2 people whose down for catching up over a good dessert and a cup of brewed coffee. ☕️🍨

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My Richmonde Hotel Ortigas Diary ends here…

Ending this blog entry with a photo of Yvonne Vinluan of Richmonde Hotels and Resorts and yours truly. 🌸🎀💕


Have I convinced you to check out this hotel too? Below are the details where you can personally contact them and check the promo rates for you and your loved ones.

FB Page: Richmonde Hotel Ortigas

Instagram: richmonde_rho


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A message for my HUGGERS!

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