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HABITS OF REAL LOVE (A travel + Love Guide) ft. Private Beach Resort

Built to last (ft. Capiz Bay Resort)

Not the usual Travel guide. According to ” Spiritually speaking, it is said that even before you were born, the name of your spiritual half has been determined. Each soul has a perfect match… your soulmate.

Although most people think of a soulmate as a perfect harmonious union of bliss, your true spiritual soulmate is the person who is intended to help you complete yourself. ”

Most people would define me as someone who’s tough enough to keep herself busy and be just fine (certified introvert here). However, I have to be honest, 3 years ago I met this chinky-eyed guy, he sat beside me and never left my side…I allowed him to stay because Love said so.

This blog post will feature the “habits of love” (ft. TheCatch) + my new found private Beach Resort in Roxas City. Come discover these things with me. Fall in love with true love as I tour you around Capiz Bay Resort (All photos are taken from this new found private beach Resort, Contact Details, Rates and ways to get there are provided at the bottom of this blog post).

After being in a strong stable Long distance relationship, I guess that gives me the right to share my thoughts on the habits of love.

Real Love has the habit of…

1.  Making you laugh.

Capiz Bay Resort

Picture taken at the Romantic Balcony of Capiz Bay Resort. <3


Love has the most influence to your happiness. Real love will never hurt you nor disappoint you. There might be some conflicts and misunderstandings along two unique souls, but real love will always be something you’ll look forward to.


2. Giving you Space and a peaceful place.

Capiz Bay Resort

A picture taken at the Private Beach Area of Capiz Bay. (c) JP Yap


-Being Quiet together is comforting. Like drinking coffee and cuddling pillows on a cold rainy night. Whether your doing two different tasks in one room, or in a car , there’s a quiet peace between the both you.


3. Having Conversations.

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Real Love has a habit of opening up life facts that matters. Real love chooses to express concerns, make decisions and work things out together by respecting each other’s opinions.


4. Respecting independence.

Capiz bay resort


Real love respect’s each other’s need for independence. One party is never threatened by the need of alone time. Real Love understands and strongly believes that by the time you see each other again, you’ll have more stories to tell and your time together will be more exciting and special.


5. Not having Breaks.

Capiz Bay Resort

A shot taken from Capiz Bay Resort, Can you see me? Our Floating Cottage is to die for . <3 (c) JP Yap


I had been very cautious from the start, JP had to be very patient. By the time we officially got together, we knew it was for keeps. We made a deal by heart (not verbally) that we wouldn’t have breaks nor cool offs if we fought. During our LDR we never had break ups and … No regrets. Everything was worth it. Everything was real.


6. Still Falling for you …

Real love has that habit of falling for the same person, over and over again. It’s something one can never change. Have you ever felt this? Congratulations Dear, you might have found real love :”) … I hope you did found the right person too though.


7. Making Sacrifices.

capiz bay resort

Photo taken by JP Yap while boating his way to me & take my shots. (These are some of the adorable sacrifices JP did to support me and my job as a travel blogger.)


8. Lifting you Higher.

Capiz Bay Resort


There’s a saying that goes, “Let go of anything that weighs you down.” When you look at your life, your person will be the one constant being that will always lift you higher, make you the best version of yourself and hold your hand down the road to success. – Elitedaily

JP has always been the most supportive guy I have ever known. He always makes me feel I’m good enough, that everything I do is beautiful, everything I’m involved with is special. JP is my Real love. I hope you’ve found your own constant real love too.


9. Pausing … to think of him/her.

Real love has taught me to be busy, do good in my craft… however the moment I pause… I still think of you (Referring to JP Yap)., that’s how I know it’s real. That’s how I know it’s legit.


10. Asking questions like … “How did I ever live without him?”


Capiz Bay Resort

Woke up to this beautiful view during my stay at Capiz Bay Resort. <3 More photos at my instagram account: @annetours


You wouldn’t be the same without him. When you meet your person, your life changes. You don’t change because your person would never want to change you. Instead, your outlook on life shifts. You start to see brighter colors and feel stronger emotions. You look back on the past years without him and think, “Holy sh*t, how did I ever live without him?” – Elite Daily


Featured Resort: Capiz Bay Resort

Capiz Bay Resort


This PRIVATE BEACH RESORT is just 10-20 min away from Bay-Bay Roxas City Capiz🌿🐠

Tag along that special one and rule this beautiful place like you guys are the only people left on earth <3

Main Attraction:

LIVE FISHING “Hook & Cook”

Capiz Bay Resort


Aircon Rooms : 1,200 PHP (2 Pax) -2,500 PHP (6pax)
Non-Aircon Rooms: 900 PHP (2 Pax)-2,000 PHP (6 pax)

Check in :12nn
Check out: 2PM


Brgy. Libas,Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines


Getting There:

From Manila: Book a Flight to Roxas Capiz
From Roxas City Airport: Ride a Public Tricycle to Capiz Bay Resort.
From Iloilo: Take the Ceres Bus to Roxas, then ride tryk to Capiz Bay Resort.


For Reservations:

Contact details
Iloilo: (033) 3321575

Roxas: (036) 621-2856 /621-0279/522-4585


I really hope you guys have found real love and stay in love! 😀


Love comes from the most unexpected places.

For those who’s still out there looking for love, I have this new found favorite mobile app which I really do think can help you find the one. Remember that love comes from the most unexpected places. Go get that real love dear! Try Downloading TheCatch Mobile App. Good Luck on finding real love!




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P.s : Feeling mo ba nahanap mo na ang Real love mo? Masarap mag mahal bes. Love is worth fighting for.


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