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Belmont Hotel Manila: A remarkable home in Pasay

I have been to so many hotels for the past few months. It has been an on going series of three month long of staycation already. Yet I have to admit that Belmont Hotel Manila in Pasay caught me off guard. The stories I have gone through and the remarkable customer service by the food and beverage team plus the hotel management has really been exemplary.


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Allow me to share the highlights of my stay with you as I  take you back to one of my most cherished stay in Manila.





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(A sweet welcoming letter from Mr. Lorenzo Tang the General Manager)

5 min walk from Terminal 3 International Airport to Belmont…

I arrived in Manila around 5 PM last September 13, 2017. Dropped by the Cebu Pacific plane at Terminal 3, I had no idea though that there’s an existing footbridge connecting the airport (T3) to Belmont Hotel Manila, so I did took Uber ride to bring me to the hotel. Only to find out from the cab driver himself that I should have taken the footbridge , which should have saved me money and time (Talk about Manila traffic!). Lesson learned, information noted. So guys, If you feel like your trip is composed of planes and such, I strongly recommend Belmont hotel Manila, I mean, this is the only hotel that offers great accommodation, classy ambiance, scrumptious dishes and the most convenient location for busy travellers with urgent flights. Staying here means you don’t need to go through the extremely weird traffic congestion in Metro Manila to reach International Airport.




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I stayed at the Hotel for five days. My room was compact with minimal elegant interiors, the room projected a home like vibe which made my stay comfortable and safe. The sockets were present on both corners of my  queen sized bed, and can also be found near the work desk where I did my write ups and answered emails. The four pillows were heavenly soft, it functioned like a magnet giving me the feeling of not leaving my bed the whole day. There were bathrobes present at my closet. A human sized mirror facing my bed, giving me a glimpse of how I looked like when I’m about to rest my eyes after a long tiring day. The Mini bar was packed with good sets of coffee, sugar and cream. Complimentary water and a number of my favourite tea bags.


Here’s one of the “selfies” I took inside my room 😊✨🌸




The View


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The view from my room had me speechless every single time I witnessed the sunset , overlooking the planes carrying various individuals with different walking stories of life. It was stunning, touching and breathtaking all in one. There were times that it rained really hard during my stay and this gave me a chance to slowly observe how the fog formed through my huge glass windows as well as how the skies cleared and gave way for another beautiful day after a really bad weather. My room at belmont was something I’ll always be looking forward to stay at, not just because of the unique airport and runway view but also because of how safe the ambiance was even during the stormy days.


The breakfast buffet


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The food was really great and was prepared in an upscale manner sold for a very reasonable price. Unlike other buffet sets, this hotel offers quality and quantity both at the same time. Besides the food, the happy and entertaining servers were some of the numerous characteristics why I loved having breakfast at Cafe Belmont.

Also to give you a heads up, below are the following on going promotions for the month of September:



  • Spanish Delight: Delight in a buffet of flavorful Spanish dishes including Paella Marinara, Lengua Marbella, Churros and Chocolate, and more.Php 999 nett per person. Available all Fridays and Saturdays of September at Cafe Belmont
  • Moscato Wine Festival: Enjoy sweet nights with Unlimited Moscato wines. Php 888 nett. Available daily from 6PM – 10PM at Rooftop 11 and Cafe Belmont
  • Zabana Treats: Buy 1 take 1 on all drinks mixed with Zabana 8, Zabana XO, or Zabana White Rum. Available daily from 6PM to 10PM at Rooftop 11 and Cafe Belmont


Spanish Dinner Buffet


During my stay I was also given a chance to try out their classy dinner buffet. The dishes prepared that night was Spanish. Check the photos below to get a glimpse of my dinner that night.


 Candle light Spanish Dinner Buffet tonight + a glass of red wine. (On my plate are random upscale spanish dishes : Salad, Polo Ala Spañola , El Pescado con salsa Verde and Tapa topped with Parmesan cheese. For dessert I'm having Torta de chocolate and red wine : Gallo Cabernet Sauvignon. Not on the photo is the grilled Salmon *still being prepared by the chef.)

Candle light Spanish Dinner Buffet tonight + a glass of red wine. (On my plate are random upscale spanish dishes : Salad, Polo Ala Spañola , El Pescado con salsa Verde and Tapa topped with Parmesan cheese. For dessert I’m having Torta de chocolate and red wine : Gallo Cabernet Sauvignon. Not on the photo is the grilled Salmon *still being prepared by the chef.)


Here some other photos I took during that night…

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The outdoor Jacuzzi and Roof deck swimming pool with 360-degree panoramic view and massage deck


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The glowing pool at night 💚

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The roof deck pool during day time 💕

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What I’m wearing:

AboutMaePH swimwear


This part of the hotel is my favourite. It’s gorgeously designed to accommodate family staycations as well as weekend “Barkada” bonding. During my stay, I was able to witness how happy the guests were while spending priceless moments with their loved ones at the roof deck pool while enjoying the relaxing view of the sunset.

The roof deck pool also offers cocktail drinks for guests who would like to chill and relax at the end of their busy day at the metro.





Maintaining our image as influencers of the modern media today is not easy, good thing hotels like Belmont is equipped with a gym, which helps guests to stay healthy and be on track with their goals of having a good health and attractive physical appearance.


Sauna and Steam Room


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This can be found inside the gym as well. I wasn’t able to try it during my stay due to my overlapping schedule, however I found the Steam room really neat and modern.


I love how Belmont hotel has what most guests are looking for, relaxation, leisure, affordable and reasonable buffets, good service and entertainment within reach.



Belmont Hotel Manila in Pasay is located at Newport City where Myriad leisure venues are standing. The Hotel is Five (5) minute walking distance via footbridge from NAIA Terminal 3. The hotel is also near the following renowned business districts:

  • Runway Manila – walking distance
  • Resorts World Mall – walking distance
  • Newport Mall – walking distance
  • Newport Performing Arts Theater – walking distance
  • House Manila Bar – walking distance
  • NAIA Terminal 3 – 1 km
  • NAIA Terminal 4 – 3.1 km
  • NAIA Terminal 1 – 5.5 km
  • NAIA Terminal 2 – 5.6 km

Also, Makati and Bonifacio Global City are 7.1 km from Belmont Hotel in Pasay City, Philippines. I must insist that Belmont Hotel Manila has the most convenient location for people with agenda’s around Pasay area as well as busy travellers with urgent flights to and from Manila Philippines.

Book your stay!

Are you guys aware that Belmont Hotel is celebrating it’s Second Anniversary this October? I’m sure the hotel has alot of great things to offer everyone. In the mean time, allow me to share the following Room Flash sales for your next stay in this hotel.

Rates start at PHP 4,000 nett for room only and PHP 4,928 nett with breakfast in a Superior RoomThese are subject to change based on hotel’s occupancy or availability.

  • Overnight room accommodation
  • 20% discount on laundry services
  • Free scheduled airport shuttle from Terminals 1, 2. 3
  • Free Wi-Fi Access
  • Use of swimming pool and gym
  • Use of sauna and steam bath

Valid until December 31, 2017

You may also book through their website:

I hope you guys enjoyed this entry! You can also follow Belmont Hotel Manila for  more updates on Instagram :

Enjoy the rest of the photos I took with some of the Belmont family. ❤️



With Mr. Reynold D Cruz of The Food and Beverage Team


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With Tim of the Concierge department 


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With Anna (Marketing Officer of Belmont Hotels and resorts and Hannah (Front desk reception officer of Belmont Hotels and resorts)


Thank you so much for reading!



Levy Amosin

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