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5 tips to keep up with the eventful millennial lifestyle

My get-up-and-go story

My life has undeniably been stuck with the craziest schedule lately. Today’s blog would tackle more on tips of how I kept up with my hectic schedule.

Almost everything these days are furiously done in the quickest and rushed manner to meet deadlines, dragging most working individuals (including myself) to stress themselves out to provide what is expected of them. Hoping that today’s blog post would help you get energy and manage your time too.

Below are five things I do to keep up with my extremely eventful lifestyle

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  1. Prioritize Exercise. Despite flying to and from one place to another every month and attending various events, I make it a point that I give time for cardio exercises. Good thing I found one of the best fitness center here in Iloilo City (I’m currently based here) – Richmonde Hotel Iloilo (RHI). I have to be honest I’m mostly an introvert these past few months, I would usually gain my energy back if I’m alone and be at my most productive self when I’m in an area with less crowd. Richmonde Hotel has their own fitness center exclusively used by members and in house guests only. I would come here around 12 noon to 5 PM every Saturdays to avoid the crowd and end up owning the whole gym to myself (That’s if I’m lucky). 98894690-4597-4C14-A4B7-917DA57FDF17Whenever I’m in Manila and I opted to book my stay at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel I would also try to squeeze my time and do a number of workout sessions. A few weeks ago they’ve announced an All-In Membership Deal at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel too, I suggest you check awesome deals waiting for you guys to discover.


  1. Drink 2 litters of room temperature water. Drinking this much of water every day naturally hydrates me, making me more productive despite having busy schedules.
  1. Drinking 1 glass of hot Kalamansi juice (no sugar). I would usually do this every morning to keep myself up and awake. I found the aroma of this Filipino lemonade super refreshing and I mostly do this whenever I try to avoid drinking coffee. Sometimes, If I have much more free time, I try to make the Kalamansi Juice at home bring it at Richmonde Hotel Iloilo Fitness Center.
  1. Avoid coffee instead hydrate myself with an electrolyte drink. One of my friends told me during a travel assignment about Pocari sweat. This is not a paid endorsement but something I personally recommend you to try whenever you’re having a rough day or haven’t had enough sleep. This electrolyte drink was formulated to quickly replace lost body fluids and electrolytes, making me much energized and more alive despite having not enough rest during the other night.

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  1. Find a Fitness Center fitting to your lifestyle. What I love about going to RHI’s Fitness Center–(A) Convenient location. After gym, I can immediately attend business meetings without traveling far enough given that their location is at the heart of Mega World business district. (B) Mesmerizing Sunset views. After a long day at the gym, RHI’s pool bar showcases one of the most beautiful and rewarding sunsets I have ever seen in Iloilo city—Views like this reminds me to stop and breathe for a while giving me some realizations of how beautiful life is.


To sum it all up. I suggest you get yourself enough exercise to release toxins brought by stress, drink enough water or hydrate yourself with your choice of healthy replenishment and breathe for a while.

No matter how busy you are, I can guarantee that doing the tips I gave you, will surely help clear your mind and deliver more energy to finish your tasks. I am really hoping these tips can eventually give birth to a much productive you in the near future.

Good luck on your endeavors, see you on my next blog post!


Levy Amosin

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