17 romantic places in France

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“French moments”, “French kiss” and the undying romantic qoutes. There must be a reason why they were tagged to be the most romantic people in the world. Read along and discover more about France till the end of this blog post.

The aim of this post is not to keep single people out there to be envious towards couples around reading this post, but rather to reachout to each and everyone of you to believe in true love despite the vast and drastic changes brought by today’s generation.

I personally believe in real love. I strongly believe it exist and I’m firm enough to fight for my stand about this topic. As a result, I did a few searches and came up with the list of 17 romantic places in France.  But before I give you the list of the top romantic places to visit in this region, I would love to share you a link which may assist you on finding houses for rent in France on your upcoming vacation.

When we try to ask people which part of the world is the most romantic place to visit, the first thing that people would usually recommend is Paris, France!

Of course Paris is romantic, but I have to insist that there are various other places around France that will not just mesmerize you with its undying romantic ambiance but will also make your heart skip a beat.

Where to go and visit?

Moving on, this blog post will give you a list of the most romantic places to visit in France:

  1. Pont des Arts in Paris- this is the place which has been famous for the love locks placed and treasured by lovers all over the world and brought here to literally “lock” their love to the sides of the bridge. A place worth visiting for couples who believe in true love and are worthy of it.
  2. Little Venice in Colmar, Alsace – with its lush vegetation and colorful fairytale architectural houses and quaint canals, it is no doubt to resemble the famous Venice. Here lovers can board boat tours and enjoy the romantic ambiance brought by the little Venice in Colmar.
  3. Chateau de Villandry in the Loire Valley, fact check: Did you know that its UNESCO-listed “love gardens”? This place is strongly recommended for couples to check out and visit.
  4. Miroir des Quais in Bordeaux- this place has the largest water mirror in the world. Couples visiting this place were told about the tradition, where lovers are asked to stand and gaze at their reflection. How sweet and priceless isn’t it? I mean, two strangers bounded by love gazing at their reflection at the largest water mirror in the world. Can you guys imagine how dreamy this place could be?
  5. Saint-Valentin the “village of love” in the Loire Valley. This is the place where lovers may marry in the garden gazebo, they may also clip or attach their amorous wishes to the Tree of Vows (Gah! This place must be screaming romance!). Lovers may also plant a tree in honour of their marriage, anniversary, or commemorate their love on the Tree of Eternal Hearts. (Sigh. I can hear cupid’s giggle!)
  6. The Jardins de Giverny- A stunning view of nothing but your lover plus the beautiful hues of nature. This place insipired Claude Monet to paint his famous Water Lillies.
  7. Les Saintes island in Guadeloupe- is known and famous for its “tourment d’amour” pastries and the breathtaking bay. Perfect for proposals or any romantic getaway.
  8. The Phare de Baleines lighthouse on the Ile de Ré. It was mentioned that people spend to 1.5 hours every time they visit this place, this may be caused by the lovely staircase and the breathtaking view after reaching the top to the lighthouse.
  9. Tupai Island, a heart-shaped island in ever-romantic Tahiti. Jaw-dropping acts of nature one cannot explain how it was made that way. Love does exist and so does this heart-shaped island. Yes, a must visit!
  10. Chateau de Chenonceau in the Loire Valley, a story bound to last for a lifetime. The place was a gift from King Henry II to the love of his life, Diane de Poitiers. Can we just stop looking at our phones and start finding our soulmates?! Kidding aside. Real Love may not be easy to find, especially in this generation, but my hopes are still up! This blog post brought my romantic heart back to life, I know real love is out there and I hope it did open your mind too.
  11. Ilet Oscar in Martinique- has clear blue water and white sand beaches. Built for a lovers’ paradise.
  12. The “I love you” wall in Montmartre, Paris. It was said that this is where the phrase “I LOVE YOU” is written over 1000 times in over 300 languages. I have to see this place, I urge you guys to visit this too!
  13. The Iles Sanguinaires off the coast of Corsica, are famous for the blazing colors of the sunset reflected in the sea. Better than any instagram photo you’ll see online. A place worth seeing with our two naked eyes, ditch the screen and start travelling.
  14. Megève in Rhône Alpes- are you fond of horse-drawn carriage? This place is for you! Perfect for snuggling by the fire after a day on the slopes taking that romantic ride in a horse-drawn carriage.
  15. Épernay in Champagne- Champagne! Champagne! Champagne! This is the major center of the champagne industry. For all the lovers of Champagne, you know what to do!
  16. Èze on the Côte d’Azur- another place that may knock you off your feet. A gorgeous place with untouched architecture plus views of the Mediterranean that will leave you in awe.
  17. Locronan in Brittany was the on-screen setting for The Three Musketeers. I must say that this is the perfect place for lovers who would love to travel back in time.


There! I urge everyone to come visit France, may you be alone in search of true love or those who were lucky enough to have found them. I hope this blog entry did help you on your next trip to France! If you found this useful, feel free to share, tag and comment your folks name. Till my next blog post!



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