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Tips about using clip in hair extensions (Step by Step guide)

Clip in real hair extensions are liked by women all over the world as it offers a superior liberty to select when you should lengthen hair or when you should add volume for your style. You are not forced into putting on the extensions on the semi-permanent basis and having to pay a lot of money for a beautician to insert them in for you personally, a procedure which could take hours.

Below are the tips on using clip in hair extensions


1. Choose real clip hair extension that suit your hair color properly

It’s imperative when selecting real clip in hair extensions that you simply suit your color properly. The final factor you would like to do, would be to clip these products in position and people surrounding you can immediately see that the lengthy flowing tresses is your actual beautiful hair. Extensions ought to match your natural hair color, which makes it difficult for people to observe that you are wearing hair extensions.

2. Separate hair into two sections

When your new hair arrives, you will need to check it out immediately. The easiest method to achieve great outcome would be to separate hair into two sections – bottom and top. Make sure you create a straight parting and tie the top end from the hair track of a flexible or clip. Brush the low finish from the hair to get rid of any undesirable tangles and make sure it is laying casually on your lower neck.

3. Open the clips from the clip in real hair extensions

This really is simple as the clips are manufactured from an easy clip in position method. Simply push in the heart of the clip to un-clip it.

4. Tease hair across your section line

This can give your brand-new extensions something to carry onto and prevent them sliding out, particularly if you have fine hair. Evenly put the extensions in your head across the seam.

Sometimes you’ll be able to buy one lengthy extension, but you might want to buy a few smaller sized ones to from the width of the head, which you get your clip in real hair extensions.

5. Start somewhere, a good inch from behind your ear and clip part one in position.

All you need to do is safe it in to the teased portion of hair and push lower around the two sides to shut the clip. Pull the extension across the rear of your head, using the seam and perform the same on the other side. For those who have several piece, start the next slightly over in which the last extension ended, making certain a continuing flow of hair.

6. Have the human hair extension appear as natural as you possibly can

When the clip in real human hair extensions have been established. You should be able to release the best portion of hair to lightly lie within the clips. Make use of a mirror to determine the back part where the clips aren’t visible, by course you would like them to appear as natural as you possibly can.

7. Tip on doing a ponytail on hair extensions

An easy tip to savor is if you opt to put on hair in a ponytail, for instance. Place your head forward and clip your extensions in upside lower. This can reduce pulling and devote a flexibility to secure your pony tail.

Benefit of clip in real hair extensions

The truly amazing benefit of clip in real hair extensions is styling hair in various ways, you can curl them, blow dry  or straighten them to fit your style perfectly. These extensions come in different color options, lengths and designs from right to wavy and curly options, helping you to blend them to your natural hair effortlessly giving hair necessary volume or length, based on what you do.

Hope this blog entry did help you on using real hair extensions!

Stay fab and gorgeous ladies. See you on my next blog post.


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