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Surprise your special one with a birthstone

The standard marriage proposal includes a gentleman shedding lower on a single knee before his beloved and requesting her hands in marriage with a jewelry box, containing a glistening birthstone engagement ring waiting to be placed on his fiancé’s finger.

Obviously, with today’s generation, most marriage proposals don’t always squeeze into the standard scenario and new proposal traditions are now being produced and exercised every single day.

Along with these new ways of getting into a married life, comes a question in mind, is it still advisable for a diamond engagement ring to pop that surprise, or should we embrace changes and have our engagement proposals go along with today’s unique new traditions.

Below are reasons why we believe it’s time to ask your special one with a birthstone than the traditional diamond ring.


Reasons why you should surprise your special one with a birthstone:

Most marriage vows mention the line “For better or worse” but everyone knows it’s much better to obtain vows positively, unrecognizing bad days and cherish better times instead. Exactly the same rule may be applied on choosing a ring too. While it may seem you know your future spouse and can select the exact diamond engagement ring of her dreams, there’s always the possibility that you might not get the right ring properly.  The component of surprise that comes with a conventional proposal is great, but wouldn’t it be better to get her that perfect citrine engagement ring composed of her birthstone instead?

Lots of people say among the hardest areas of the pre-proposal routine isn’t working in the nerve of planning, but instead the strain associated with trying to decide on the best diamond engagement ring. By choosing a birthstone engagement ring, you’ll be sure that your partner will ultimately get the perfect ring suited to her personality plus a unique touch of her birth month which may give it a much deeper meaning compared to the usual diamond ring. You’re also saving yourself a lot of stress along the way by eliminating all of the uncertainty involved throughout the shopping process. We’d state that alone causes it to be really worth making the choice process.

Although the ring may appear to be just like a small detail, it’s actually one of the most crucial part. Putting a rose gold engagement rings under 1000 in your true love’s finger can also be an option.

Of all the bits of jewelry someone is ever going to own, the body of the diamond engagement ring and wedding band is the most essential part. The ring will normally be worn on daily basis, otherwise constant for some. Choosing the best ring and perfect fit is everything.

A diamond ring that’s not big enough is going to be very uncomfortable around the finger, as well as the truth that some diamond engagement rings cannot be easily sized up, which makes it much more vital to obtain the style you want to start with. However, a diamond ring that’s too large can certainly slip off, making the likelihood of losing the ring extremely high, not a great idea for this type of pricey investment.

Hope this post did help you on choosing the perfect ring for your perfect one! See you on my next blog.

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