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Stylish adventures with wholesale7

It’s been months since I’ve first discovered  wholesale7 ,  indeed this online shop never failed to give me their best designs for summer.

Today Wholesale7 has announced their anniversary and they’re giving us great Anniversary sale limited from April 10-12, 2018! They are also offering huge discounts for  four hundred (400) hot sale items.

For us here in the Philipines, wholesale7 is offering 30% off for shipping discount.

Below are some of my photos wearing their products:

Keeping it light and breezy

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Flaunced sleeve with wide V-neck romper 💎

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Stylish staycations

I wore the said outfit when I had my staycation at Injap Tower Hotel. Its comforting and stylish at the same time.


Summer Sunday(s)

Here you can see me wearing their V-neck puff sleeve fitted blouse in the color of red wine. I love how the color of this top complimented earth tones which I am very much obsessed with currently.

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Reviving my childhood hobby

I also wore the same top when I revived my childhood hobby— biking.

Check some of the photos I took during that day…

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Biking or cycling has always been something I’ve been fond of back when I was in my teenage years.

Back in school I used to indulge my self with random activities—this sport brought me a bit of freedom and adventure. I honestly missed cycling and so I tried it once more. Glad I was able to manage and not fall while touring around our village in two wheels, it was fun and my top from wholesale7 made it even more comfortable too. The stylish v-neck puff sleeve made the breeze easier to go through me which gave a cooler ambiance during my tour.


Over all, I’ll give this online shop a five star and a big thumbs up not just for delivering their products fast but also for sticking with their authenticity.

The style and colors showed online are the exact details / product you’ll get in real life.


Hope you liked this blog entry! Till next time.



Levy Amosin

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