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Real life goals — Finding your center

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Real life goals—“ON FINDING MY CENTER”…

I’ve slowly grassped the real essence of my existence, as I continue my journey to live and not just exist.

I had to accept the fact that I haven’t found my center yet. I may have found my purpose but there are times I still feel empty. I found my self once more strolling inside a bookstore hoping to find answers to my empty heart. To my surprise I found a mindfulness journal. I believe this is one essential matter I have been subconsciously ignoring—Finding my center—resulting to an unbalanced life.

I believe that no matter how successful we may be in life, we will always feel empty and lose our drive to live if we haven’t found our center— some call it mindfulness, gratitude, wholeness or our focus.

Sometimes the world tends to offer us so much, we get confused and lose our self in the process.

I’ve read a part from this journal which I aim to share with you all…

“ Every potter knows how dificult it is to learn how to center clay on a wheel. It takes hours and hours and days and days of dedication and practice, until your hands “know” the clay well enough to center it. If you move ahead to early, your pot will be unsteady, fragile and unattractive. But once you find the center, your pot—whatever your personal desire and design for it will be balanced, secure and beautiful.

For most people, creating a centered life is like molding that pot, it requires dedication and practice.”

On my birth month, I am challenging my self to find my center. I urge YOU, to allow time to be your potter and experiences to be your clay. Hoping this micro blog entry aids you as you start finding your center too, for now breathe in — breathe out and begin living again.

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