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A Birthday Series

I’ve always believed that our passion is the best profession we could ever have!

Re-posting a Caption from of my trending social media post on my Facebook Page , which caught over 34,437 audience in less than a week.


Life after college…

My prayer after I took that bow on the university stage was “Lord,help me find my purpose.” I never thought that my passion for writing would take me this far. That my dream of having a legit career in the blogging industry would come true. I’ve always wanted to travel & see the world for free, it has always been a dream to me. Last year I’ve decided to stop making resumes and started building a name (career), it was hard. A lot of people doubted my capacity, there were number of backstabbing & some people even left me along my journey. But I never doubted my self, I never doubted God’s plan. I felt that it has always been my calling to explore & hug life’s horizons, go beyond and be an inspiration to the younger generation. There were more critisims and few support, but I made it. Today I am traveling for free, my blog is earning from Google AdSense through my readers & iTunes trusted me, these are only few of the companies who trusted . Slowly I know I’ll make it to the top and inspire more people. So for those who are on the verge of giving up their dream, please don’t. If you’re tired & exhausted, rest…but never give up. ❤️

Your passion will always be the best profession.


levy amosin of hugging horizons


March was the month I was born 23 years back. I turned 24 on the 18ty of this month. 8 months ago I was one of the dreamers you’ll meet along the road, yet listening to my gut feeling brought me to where I am now. Here I am preaching once more of how beautiful following your dreams can be, and how great it is to be when you listen to your heart.


Starting up…

The past 8 months was no smooth sailing, everything was bumpy and heights were too vast for me to climb, yet faith  and prayers indeed can move mountains. Blogging did not only made me express my self  to the world, but also allowed me to find my purpose. In blogging I was able to help other brands ( Big or small) advertise their craft and services, their products and advocacy.


Social Media Miracle (Viral posts)

And so most of my posts went viral and random followers came in. I became effective and sponsors never stopped contacting me. I knew it from the very beginning, that I have that purpose, that I have a calling to talk  and inspire people through my thoughts and my words and the wisdom that God has blessed me with.


My prayers…

I’ve always ended my prayer with a personal quote “God you are the purpose of my existence.” Yet I have always been filled with curiosity on how far can I relive this God given passion, I then found my purpose when I started listening to my heart. Then was created.


The Best Things in life are indeed for FREE!

Here’s How I celebrated my Birthday in a luxurious manner without spending any penny… my blog sponsored my Family to stay in  SEDA, ATRIA  a Luxurious Hotel with a Premier Room connecting to another deluxe room, complete with Buffet breakfast, cocktail drinks and upscale dinner for five. Shopping spree worth 4,000 PHP from FOREVER 21 my Favorite International Fashion Brand and experienced a VIP Party  with my friends at one of the most prestigious bar in Iloilo, the PRISM Nightlife.


I’ll give you a recap of the highlights of my birthday series. However, Expect this blog post to focus on the latest event that has been extravagantly given & sponsored by one of the best club found in Iloilo City – PRISM, NIGHTLIFE.


Let’s begin in 1..2…3!


March 17 – (Shopping!!!)


This happened a day before my staycation for another famous hotel in town. Literally shopped till I dropped that day, got some pretty clothes for my girls at our office , good stuff for my family and loved ones too!

Here's what I got from Forever 21 's 3Days SALE at SM City Iloilo

Here’s what I got from Forever 21 ‘s 3Days SALE at SM City Iloilo.


Levy Amosin

A photo I’ve posted announcing the Sale. <3 Don’t you guys just love yellow hearts? 😉

March 18 – 19 : SEDA, ATRIA

(Genuine Accommodation & Filipino Hospitality)

Here are some photos taken during my stay. <3


Some of the dishes served.



Below is a link to the detailed blog post about our Staycation at SEDA, Atria:

SEDA, Atria:An exceptional accommodation experience+My Birthday Bash!

And Finally for the highlight of this blog post!


March 25 was my scheduled visit for PRISM! T’was a Saturday Evening, a great night for chilling and celebrate all the success I’ve been receiving lately. Also the said night was indeed a planned perfect night out for me and my boyfriend JP Yap (whom just finished he’s one long week of exams in law school, can you guys imagine the pressure?) . Moving on, as an LDR  and very busy couple, we are very much guilty of not spending time together, even to the point of not enjoying our “Youthful Chill Nights”. Good Thing PRISM, ILOILO was generous enough to say Yes for collaborations and sponsored my Birthday Extension that night! So here’s how our night went so far…



We Arrived a little bit early compared to the usual Party people, you know compared to the one’s who were used to partying , I with JP Yap were a little bit, let’s say “excited” and arrived by 9PM on the Bar.

We then sat at the VIP Lounge

The Staff was very accommodating and assisted us to their VIP Lounge where we both waited for our other friends to arrive. The VIP Lounge was indeed cozy and cool enough for people who’d love to spend a night to remember. The Sofa was comfy enough to make every guest feel like he or she’s just chilling at home, it was also positioned a little bit far from the crowd and spacious enough to entertain each other’s company and enjoy the music played by the DJ.



Here are some of the few drinks we ordered while waiting…

Sapporo Premium Beer

(145 PHP)

Prism Iloilo

I’ve always wanted to try this drink back in Hokkaido Japan, but I never had the chance to drink during our stay as young ambassadors. And so, the very moment I saw it written on the Menu of PRISM Nightlife Iloilo, I immediately asked them to have it served cold.

This drink is indeed a go to choice at any High class Club/bar like PRISM. Being a travel blogger, I have learned to socialize with different people, specifically races from the different parts of the world. I personally like many popular beers but to me Sapporo Premium Beer is smooth without being bitter. It  does go down easily with a good and non distracting flavor.

Another imported drink we ordered while waiting was…

Heineken Beer

(140 PHP)

Prism Nightlife

A drink with an iconic green Bottle with a little red star positioned on the top (center). I tried tasting the beer, then I understood why my Korean friends said that this is the Coca-cola of the Beer world. I honestly do believe that this is one of the best imported beers in the alcohol industry. This was JP’s drink so I had to give it up.

Prism Pizza

(350 PHP Good for 3-4 pax)

Prism Iloilo

Prism Pizza was composed of Ham, white onion, bell pepper and mozzarella cheese. I was able to take a few video clips as we devour this pizza, and dear I just can’t wait to show you how this dish made the Mozzarella game stronger! I swear, take it from someone who’ve loved pizza over any other dish on the table.

Calamari N Fries Platter

(380 PHP)


Kate Chaves the Hottest Operations Manager of PRISM was the person responsible for this collaboration. She asked me personally what’s my poison. Politely I asked her back to give us whatever PRISM would recommend us to try out.

We were then introduced to something i’d like to consider the “KILLER” that night. This thing literally made the whole PRISM experience A NIGHT TO REMEMBER. In short, I passed out. XD

Meet the Killer Guys!

Jose Cuervo Especial

Prism Nightlife Iloilo

Jose Cuervo Especial Gold Tequila,  is considered the number one selling Tequila in the world. It’s a blend of Reposado and other young Tequilas for smoothness and double distilled.


and so the darkness came in…


Prism Iloilo

I purposely had the photo a little bit smaller than the usual, we we’re all tipsy during the said photo op (The “Killer” Tequila has been working really hard that night. I was literally so surprised I wasn’t even able to react properly and literally just closed my eyes the whole time (as seen on the photo). I wasn’t really expecting something as huge as this one. I must say that in this Blogging industry I must get used to surprises and stuff a like!


My blurry shot of my “mini surprise cake” <3

Travel the World through their World Class Drinks

As a Travel Blogger, I have to say that PRISM made me travel and experience the rest of the world through their imported drinks! This place is so legit, I can no longer think of any other Club in Iloilo that can go beyond it’s services and classy ambiance!

Cheers to Adulthood!

I mean with world class drinks this place literally did make us travel beyond our expectations that night! woohooo! Let’s drink to Adulting!

Friends and Fellow busy bees, Bring that Party Spirit out and Contact Prism!

Social Media Accounts to follow:


Instagram : @prismiloilo

Twitter: @prismiloilo

For further Inquiries: 09088103790

And that’s how I ended my Birthday Series with a bomb! PRISM NIGHTLIFE ILOILO is the Bomb Guys! I was able to celebrate a luxurious birthday party without spending any penny, by following my dreams and turning my passion into a profession. Now tell me, how far can your dreams take you?


Levy Amosin

Travel / Fashion Blogger

p.s : Push harder! Your Passion is your best profession!

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