Personalized passport cover by Cha & Mei

Why You should have a Personalized Passport Cover

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As a travel and Fashion Blogger, it has always been my goal to inspire my readers and the rest of my followers to travel in style. Well for those who aren’t that into fashion, I’m pretty sure this blog post would still interest you. Trust me! Having a personalized passport cover will not only give you that awesome feeling, but will also make a difference in your next travel experience.


Reasons why you should have a personalized passport cover


Personalized Passport by Cha and Mei!

  1. Protection. 1st of all a passport cover will surely lengthen the life of your passport. As a traveller I’m sure most of us wouldn’t mind whatever the weather we are in, as for my personal experience, I have been into several travel marathons wherein I stayed in places with rough weather. A paper book or your passport can completely be ruined in a matter of seconds without the proper protection. Only a passport cover can shield your passports from dirt and even from getting wet.
  2. Easy to pick out. If you’re like me, who always has a bunch of stuff inside the bag. The Personalized Passport Cover can always be an ease of use. Having one can surely help you pick out which item is the passport surrounded by incalculable travel items inside your bag.
  3. Crowd Identification. On most tours or when travelling in a huge group, you are usually asked to surrender your passports at hotels or some checkpoints. Having your personalized passport cover will make it easy for the group leader to identify which is yours and will have to skip the part where he/she needs to open the passport and read the names one by one. Your unique passport holder designs will make yours identifiable.
  4. For Security. I’ve learned from a friend that, during her not so good days wherein she got robbed, her personalized passport had the thief confused on which was valuable inside her bag. The thief took her purse, but left her passport behind, good thing she placed a bigger amount of money inside her passport holder and was able to reach home with less damage that day.

Where to get one?

As a frequent traveller, plus the fact that I go to different places four times a month I guess I really have to adjust to a travel blogger’s lifestyle. I was surfing the net one day and I came across this super unique Facebook page, I scanned more and I got really attracted to their products. I’m referring to the PERSONALIZED PASSPORT HOLDERS BY CHA & MEI. They have these pretty looking concepts of personalizing passport holders with charms that the clients can personally pick for themselves, as well as the color of the leather of the passport holder they’d like to purchase.

Who is Cha & Mei?

Personalized Passport Holder by Cha and Mei

(c) Cha from his personal FB account.

As I was negotiating with the owners of the personalized passport holder, I got so intrigued with the personas or the people behind this cool concept which lead me to ask them some personal questions. To my surprise, Cha & Mei happened to be high school friends turned lovers in college. Both studied in UP Diliman and have been on an LDR relationship. After graduating on 2010, Mei worked as a teacher in Vietnam and would go home to the Philippines during school vacations, Cha on the other hand would go to Vietnam on Holidays. Guess I’ve discovered a beautiful romance on the road! A great paradigm of persevering True love despite distance and God knows all those countless challenges. This is their 11th year as a couple and are now engaged and are getting ready for their wedding in April. (Honest confession: The first time I’ve discovered their story, I swear I was slowly turning into a tomato! Can you tell? I mean hello! These two are so much of an inspiration. La la la.) Okay, so I asked them, “When did this all started and why passport holders?”

It started when we were looking for a unique wedding invitation to give to our guests. Since we are getting married abroad, we thought of giving them a ‘passport’ to our wedding. We planned for an intimate wedding so a personalized invitation was also in mind. I posted a sample on my Facebook page and many of my friends liked it and asked if they can also have theirs. I agreed, thinking the proceeds will add up to our wedding funds. Thus the hashtag #fundourwedding.- Mei said.

They also told me that they chose passport holders because Mei said that Passports are very personal and are prone to being torn or bent when travelling, so they thought that it would be a hit for people who are frequent travellers like me! They even mentioned about their clients who ordered even without owning a passport yet. The personalized holders sort of became an inspiration for their clients to get their passports too. How cool! Cha also said that they are getting overwhelming demands from friends and strangers, indeed love has its way of supporting romance.

What are the Products made of?

Personalized passport cover by Cha & Mei

The products are handmade from Vietnam, the charms are bought and carefully chosen by the couple themselves from different countries.

What makes it personalized?

Cha and Mei would make you choose your own charm, choice of color as well as the name or the initials you’d like to be attached on your passport holders. Customizing the passport holders makes it special and uniquely “you”. Beside’s I’m sure a lot of you would agree that travelling is something personal, so to say as personalized passport holder would give that finishing touch on your next travel experience!


My pretty personalized passport holder


Personalized Passport Holder by Cha and Mei

3 charms were chosen by yours truly, I had the girl (charm) to represent my femininity, the plane (charm) to symbolize that #wanderlust spirit in me and a camera (charm) for my instagram account : @annetours (serves as my travel diary) which I am extremely fond of. Shoutout to my fellow OC instagrammers too!

The CharmsPersonalized Passport by Cha and Mei


I loved how the charms looked exactly as how it was presented on their Facebook page. The charms were exactly placed on my chosen areas of the passport holder. Cha and Mei are indeed very keen to client’s request, which makes them the best provider of personalized passport holders.


The Leather


Personalized Passport Holders by Cha and Mei

The Passport Sleeves are made from highly durable material called the PU Leather or Faux leather that can withstand water, bends and creases.


What’s in the passport sleeves?

Personalized Passport holders by Cha & Mei for me can be used in so many ways.  It has four slits positioned at the end of each sleeves.

Personalized Passport by Cha and Mei

These slits can also be used to keep the temporary tourist visas handed by countries such as, Hong Kong, Singapore and alike (Valid visas however like Japan, Korea, US and alike are placed and stamped inside the passport).

Other Personalized Passport Holders I got

Cha and Mei’s products were so unique and very appealing it convinced me to get one for my mom and my sister too. I asked them to choose their own charms and the color of the leather they wanted. Here are some of the photos I took.

Personalized Passport by Cha and Mei

For my Mom <3

Personalized passport by Cha and Mei

For my Younger Sister 🙂

How to order?


Personalized Passport by Cha and Mei


Wee! We have come to the most exciting part of this blog, that’s designing your own passport holder! Here’s the link, design your own passport holder here:

Here’s another link if you guys want to design your own wallet:


More Good News!


Personalized Passport Holder

Cha & Mei is giving away 50PHP Discount or 1 free charm for my readers!

You can use the promo code: HUGGINGHORIZONS

Cha & Mei also mentioned that they are already accepting pre-orders for batch 10! You guys have to hurry Pre-ordering ends on February 17, 2017. ETA: April 30, 2017 . Prices depends on your design choices. Refer to the links posted above.

You can also talk and contact Cha & Mei directly through their FB page:

So what are you guys waiting for? Have you decided what color and which charms you like? Go get your own Personalized passport holder too <3 Keep Hugging Horizons!


Levy Amosin

Travel/ Fashion Blogger


  • Kei February 16, 2017 at 3:38 am

    Hi po ate! I already submitted my order, but I decided to edit them. How to po? 🙂

    • hugginghorizons February 16, 2017 at 9:56 am

      Hi Kei! about this, you can contact Cha and Mei directly on their FB page, para if may changes sa order mo, you can easily let them Know. I advice that you do it ASAP, the pre-order for Batch 10 is until tomorrow only. (Feb 17.) here’s the link :


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