MMORE Cases world’s first phone cases with handpicked organic materials

A month ago I received an email from Slovenia, Europe asking me to help my co young entrepreneurs and innovators to spread words of love for craft, technology and nature.


The Innovators

I did my research and I learned that these young men are advocates of protecting nature and aims to bring us closer to earth by their carefully handcrafted organic phone cases. I then replied “Yes, I’d love to work with you and  share more about your products to my readers.”



It was an official proposal from MMORE CASES. A product built to bring each and everyone of us closer to nature through our phones. In my humble honest opinion, I really do think this creation is a brilliant idea.


Living in a world with technology nipping our spirits piece by piece, creating phone cases inspired by mother earth indeed is an effective manner of bringing us closer to nature.


My First International endorsement

I am humbled to be chosen as one of their product ambassadors. Today I’d like to share with you my personal thoughts on how great this product is, not because I was asked to do so but simply because we  share the same advocacy as tree huggers and I would always be an advocate in favor of the environment 🌿💐.

A few days ago I finally received the package from these awesome innovators all the way from Europe to the Philippines!

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MMORE Cases is the world’s first phone cases with handpicked organic materials. It’s waterproof, aromatic, handcrafted, approved by nature with unique feeling.


Here are some photos I took the other day for you guys…



It comes with an elegant box, the inner back part of the cases are protected by a grayish foam, inside it is a business card with a thank you message. Full of sweet thoughtful words from the founders of MMORE Cases.


Aromatic Organika Roses:

It literally was made of rose petals, carefully hand crafted by these talented awesome individuals. It’s amazing how the natural scent of real rose petals were kept. The aroma brings a relaxing feeling to whoever touches or uses the phone.

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Organika Case : Tree of Life

If your primary concern is durability and style, this is the perfect phone case for you. It’s made of exquisitely chosen wood, laser cut woods, handcrafted in Europe, protected with PU case which was designed perfectly and rubber coated for a comfortable feeling and to avoid slipping from your gentle hands.


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Frequently asked questions

How much is the shipping fee?

IT’S TOTALLY FREE! Worldwide shipping is free. 💕🌿🛫

Additional facts… It’s satisfaction guarantee, a quick snap on / snap off case and their website has more organika cases waiting for you!


How to order?

Head over to this link www.mmore.net and order yours now!


Feel free to tag @mmore_cases on instagram too to have your photos featured!



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