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How to stay in style in Hong Kong? (Fashion Guide)

Hi Readers! Kung Hei Fat Choi! Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! May the Fire rooster bring you good luck and a brighter future.

Today I’m on my way back to the Philippines, but before that, I’d love to share the top 5 outfits I had during my stay in Hong Kong.

Let my Expat story begin…

1. Winter Hat from Balmain x H&M + Forever21 cover up.

You’ll never go wrong with this look, allow your self to try out thin cover ups on a not so freezing weather . Remember to pair it with the right color of shoes and tights/leggings. For this look, I wore black boots and black leggings, I intended to choose a much less colored outfit so my cover up from Forever21 could standout. I mean hello? With it’s class and elegantly tailored design it deserves to shine.

2. Shades (IVY –from Fièvre) White Fur coat + abstract pronted maxi skirt from People are people & boots from Payless.

This look is perfect for the freezing weather. The temperature dropped to 8 degrees & I had to cover my self up in order to keep me warm while roaming around the city. Staying in fashion is a must in 1st world countries. People must learn to blend in in order to get the right treatment from locals. Wearing the right clothes will elevate your personality & make your journey (not to mention your OOTDS) worthwhile.

3. Little purple dress from Forever21 + white printed scarf + brown boots from Payless.

If you dyed your hair blonde, be sure to tone down the color of your clothes by pairing it with minimal colors like : white, gray, black.

It’s okay to wear bright colored dresses but learn to tone it down. Hong Kong residents are high fashion locals, if you want to blend in, you have to learn how to tone down your fashion.
4. Wear Black or white to be safe.

If you’re having a hard time choosing what color to wear, go with black or white. Hong Kong citizens seems to follow a certain color coding, and its always Black amd sometimes white. Trust me, I’ve been here several times.

5. For make up, wear something minimal as well. It’s always safe to wear a nude lipstick or something near to your skin tone.

If you plan to wear red, be sure your clothes are in black , white, nude or pastel colors.

Remember the rule is to tone down and be as minimal yet high fashion as you can.

Lipstick from Too faced :Melted

Eyebrow gel from  Revlon

Hair from Revlon

Bye friends, I hope this quick guide did help you. When in Hong Kong, remember to blend in & have fun!
Kung Hei Fat Choi! #FireRooster


Levy Amosin

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