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Getting fit from home : Quality Waist trainer, bodysuits and shapewear

The pandemic crisis has totally affected the way we work and play. As human beings one of the easiest ways to stay healthy and sane is to engage in basic physical exercises. As for me I have been currently doing yoga since the quarantine was implemented in the Philippines, occasionally I mix it with skipping rope cardio exercises, arm workouts and jogging. 


Working in the creative media, as a branded content creator and as a digital personality I have to find ways in staying in shape despite the present situation as this is part of the job. Also, releasing those endorphins helps me a lot in controlling mood swings, allows me to focus, most especially when cabin fever starts creeping in. Allow me to share some of my daily exercise routine at home, hoping this may be helpful for you too.


The warm up

Usually I would do breathing exercises, it may last for two to five minutes. Then it would be followed by stretching or simple yoga poses with twenty (20) seconds per holding position. I would then begin wearing this workout waist trainer as I move on with my next routine.


Some days I would do cardio movements by walking or jogging in place. Most of the time I would do one thousand (1,000) skip ropes or whatever I enjoy that starts my heart racing up.

I also heard from a friend that Shapellx shapewear is a good online shop that sells really amazing products we can use when working out at home.

Resistance workout

Right after cardio, I would then do a simple resistance workout. This would usually include squats, planks and abdominal crunches. One of my friends who happened to be mom, told me that she also stayed in shape even after several months of staying at home when she purchased the best plus size shapewear. She mentioned how user friendly the product was and how convenient it is for her to use. 

The world may be more unpredictable these days, so I choose to focus on things that I can control and exercising is one. Hoping today’s blog gave you an idea to stay healthy even while staying at home.


If you do find this content useful, feel free to share it to your friends and family. Stay at home if you can, stay safe and sane. I’ll see you all on the road soon.



Levy Amosin


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