Real Henna Tattoos in Boracay

BORACAY 2017: Shireen’s HENNA bringing “PINTEREST” TATTOOS to life!

Boracay has been known for it’s undying charm and stunning beauty brought by the milk colored sands, romantic dancing palm trees, its ocean which refuses to stop kissing the shore and the unforgettable bonfire nights paired with the singing shells powered by the moonlight and sunsets every single day. I got captivated by its gorgeousness, the same reason why I chose to celebrate New Year’s Eve at the Island.

2017 indeed has something really great to offer. I’m excited to share with you about something I’ve discovered from my recent visit to Boracay (Jan 2017). Have you watched MOANA from Disney? No? You’re not alone. I haven’t seen the whole film either, just the snippets. However after getting Hennaed in Boracay, I definitely am watching the movie Asap.In connection to this, I really do believe I’ve met one of the Islands greatest treasure… the REAL HENNA TATTOOS. Finally MOANA TATTOOS COMING TO LIFE!

In this blog post you’ll find the following:

  • What is Real Henna Tattoo?
  • Real Henna Tattoo vs. Artificial Henna
  • Health Benefits of Real Henna
  • The Process (Henna Cones & Henna Pastes)
  • After Application
  • White Henna Tattoos & Other designs
  • Henna Crown Advocacy
  • Rates and Charges
  • Application time
  • How to get the Henna & Where to find the Artist?
  • Contact Details

Let’s begin? Read on if you wanna get that Pinterest-ish Henna in Boracay!

Real Henna Tattoo in Boracay

What is Real Henna Tattoo?

According to Shireen Sherriff the founder of Henna Tattoos & more in Boracay, The name henna refers to the dye prepared from the henna plant. She also mentioned that Henna has been used for centuries to dye skin, hair, and fingernails, as well as fabrics including silk, wool, and leather. Henna also functioned as cosmetics on some parts of the world.

Real Henna Tattoos in Boracay

That’s me listening to Shireen Sherriff as she expounds her ideas and thoughts about the significance of Henna in every culture, art and the society.


Real Henna Tattoo vs. Artificial Henna


Real Henna is NOT Black. REAL HENNA  IS OLIVE GREEN OR GREEN IN COLOR. The moment it dries up and is removed,the initial stain may vary from light orange to burn orange. This initial color gradually changes, & may deepen into a reddish brown, burgundy color, or even darker (appearing to be almost black). Henna oxidizes just as an apple will turn brown when cut & exposed to air – the color is never instant.

Real Henna Tattoo in Boracay


Real Henna Tattoo in Boracay

Those are my hands by the way. I love how Shireen’s artwork turned out. As the Henna gets darker, I felt like Pinterest is slowly coming to life!

While Artificial Henna “Black Henna” uses synthetic black hair dye containing para-phenylendiamine. This causes itchiness, allergies and sometimes hair loss. According to Shireen, Para-phenylendiamine based black hair dye should never be put straight on your skin, plain, or mixed with other material. tsk. tsk. After learning about this. I personally discourage you guys from getting that artificial Black Henna. 🙁


Health Benefits of Real Henna

Real Henna Tattoo in Boracay

  • Fights certain infections
  • Might decrease the growth of tumors
  • Prevent or reduce spasms, decrease inflammation, and relieve pain.
  • Sometimes applied directly to the affected area for dandruff, eczema, scabies, fungal infections, and wounds.


The Process

Henna Cones & Henna Pastes

Real Henna Tattoo in Boracay

The leaves of the henna plant are dried, crushed into a fine powder, and made into a creamy paste using a variety of techniques.  Like the Henna Cone you are seeing from the photo above.


Real Henna tattoo

The paste is applied to stain the top layer of skin only. Even if it looks dark green (or dark brown depending on the henna) during application, the green paste will flake off revealing an orange stain.


Orange Stain

In its natural state it will dye the skin an orange or brown color. .  The stain becomes a reddish-brown color after 1-3 days of application.

Real Henna Tatoo in Boracay

Those are my younger sister’s hands this time. Shireen’s designs are undeniably very Pinterest-ish <3


After Application

Real Henna Tattoo in Boracay

According to Shireen Sherriff here are some tips on…

Caring for your Henna

1. DO Exfoliate properly.
– Body scrubs & spa treatments – natural henna only stains the dead skin cells of the top most layers of the epidermis, more specifically, the stratum corneum. You want the henna to stain a fresh layer of skin so that it lasts longer.

2. DO Eat, use the necessary facilities & dress comfortably before getting your henna done. You do not want to disturb your henna art work for some time.

3. DO NOT Apply sanitizers, lotions, oils (such as baby oil, coconut oil, etc.), and petroleum based products (sunscreen, vaseline, vapor rubs, etc.), BEFORE and during the application of henna.

White Henna *Temporary Lace Henna*

White Henna Tattoo

Photo from :

  • For Brides.
  • Designs are usually based on their laces and dress.
  • You can also customize it by having it designed next to an important event and influences in life and love stories of you and your partner.

Advocacy: Henna Crown for Oncology Patients

One of the Shireen’s Advocacy is to ease the sadness of the oncology patients. She said that “Anyone undergoing treatment, be it a child or a adult can get a free henna crown from me and as well, once there hair growth starts, I could provide them safe hair coloring alternatives. ”


Rates and Charges

Usual Henna Design ( Is a linear design with some accents ): 10 USD *Best Seller

Bridal Designs (Are intricate, complex and usually consuming almost 6-8 hours of application time. ): Contact Shireen for further details. Prices vary according to desired artwork.


Application Time

How long does it take for application?  – It depends on the design and intricacies. Anywhere between 10 mins for single strip to 5 hours for the more complex bridal designs.

How long before the color shows up ? – A minimum of 3 hours is required for henna to naturally stain. Chores can be carried on without much hassle, but keep away from water based work.


How to get the Henna & Where to find the Artist?

Shireen Sherriff

Quick Bio of the Founder:

  • The artist has mastered the clean and detailed application of Henna.
  • She is most influenced by a unique fusion of Indian, Arabic and North African designs , and is proficient in creating contemporary/ Modern designs on and off the body.
  • She also does individual requests as well as commissioned pieces on candles , canvases or any creative piece that she can lay her hands on.
  • The 34-year-old artist and entrepreneur didn’t always plan to become a full time Henna Artist. In fact, she trained in Journalism and Mass communication ,  worked s in Hospitality sectors in India and Middle East several years before discovering that Henna and Candles remained to be her all time passion and went on to pursue it all along.

Where to Find her?

*NOTE: Please be advised that Shireen Sheriff is only available by appointment. Contact her days/ weeks before you reach Boracay Island so she can prepare the ingredients for your Henna Tattoo.

Shireen Sheriff
Henna Artist and Advisor
Boracay Island- Philippines


Real Henna Tattoo in Boracay

Email :

Contact her at :+639153105480


Facebook Page:


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    Hi Lev! May I know if we can book Shireen a day before our trip?

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      Hi Karl! I suggest you text her if you have plans 🙂 para ma ready niya yung Henna Paste

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    Magkano po bag Beach wedding bridal henna tattoos? Great article! very helpful!

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      Hi dear, please contact Shireen for further details. Ver reasonable naman yung prices and so worth it!


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