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YoungWoong a glimpse of Indonesia’s fashion

What is YoungWoong?

YoungWoong is an Indonesia Clothing designer brand, based in Jakarta Indonesia.

About their Product

Their product is an artwear and they would only produce (12) Twelve pieces maximum for each product.

What about their photoshoots?

Here’s a story behind their gorgeous colorful photoshoots you usually see on their instagram account: @youngwoong_official .
They would usualy rent out their recent collection for a shoot or any event for local talent, which is currently only available for Indonesian models.

The rate for the rental is 21.85 USD for each product per day.

My story with YoungWoong

A shot taken at the set before my photoshoot with YoungWoong’s REUNI Collection.

A shot taken at the set before my photoshoot with YoungWoong’s REUNI Collection.

A few months ago, I received a package all the way from Jakarta Indonesia. One of YoungWoong’s limited REUNI collection has been sent for me to review and model.

My shoots

I recently went to Hong Kong to Shoot YoungWoong’s REUNI Collection, and below are some photos from my recent shoot at Tsing Yi, Hong Kong.

Formal Wear


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What I did above?

Here I paired my black plain silk gown with YoungWoong ‘s latest REUNI corset collection. Loved how their corset added the touch of jolly mood on the dark sophisticated contrast brought by the long gown, giving it a product of a happy classy fashion style.

Street Wear

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Do you find my outfit above Indonesian? or more like a Philippine Summer ootd?

Still wearing the corset from YoungWoong’s REUNI Collection here, however this time I paired it with a soft denim high waisted pants to carry the feels of street fashion.

What I love about their collection?

Used YoungWoong’s pin to tone fown my wide V-neck crop top on this photo. Taken at Hong Kong Museum Tsim tsa Tsui

Used YoungWoong’s pin to tone down my wide V-neck crop top on this photo. Taken at Hong Kong Museum Tsim tsa Tsui


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It’s unique design carefully crafted. All the tiny details has a story to tell. The colors were chosen to project happiness of whoever the model will be. The tones and images of the drawings printed and weaved on each collection is so pretty anybody would automatically have their eyes glued on it, if not whoever wears their collection would always be crowned the head turner on a certain event. No doubt this brand delivers quality and awesome unique designs. A new breed of amazing designer(s) making noise in the fashion industry. I can’t wait to see more of their collections and showcase them online for all of you!

The package

Their REUNI collection was carefully packed inside a bag sealed with love and a Young Woong logo printed on the outside. Inside it is another pouch containing colorful postcards from Jakarta Indonesia, projecting different Indonesian fashion styles from Young Woong’s recent photoshoots with their local models, plus a Unique bar pin of their REUNI logo or mark.

Along with the package contained a sweet letter from Bertha Puspita the Creative Director of Young Woong Official, welcoming me as their newest muse from the Philippines. The letter also contains an invitation to come and join them on their next Fashion Show event held in Jakarta Indonesia, this coming August 1.


I am thrilled and humbled to represent the Philippines during the Esmod Jakarta Fashion Festival. I can’t contain my excitement and I just can’t wait to watch all the other gorgeous creations made by Young Woong during the show.

I am delighted to announce that I have finally booked my flight to Jakarta Indonesia for the upcoming Esmod Jakarta Fashion Show.

I have never been to this part of planet earth, safe to say this will be my first time to travel and experience Jakarta Indonesia.

I am excited to tour each and everyone of you through this blog. Also, I’m astonished to feature every designs YoungWoong has instore for all of us. You may always follow my journey through my instagram stories @levyamosin or through my Facebook page : Levy Amosin-Hugging Horizons .

I’m really hoping that I could give you a glimpse of how Fashion is like in Jakarta Indonesia, through this upcoming trip of mine. May we all stay in touch through my social media accounts mentioned above.

See you all in Jakarta! Happy and safe travels everyone!

Levy Amosin
Travel + Style Media

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