NLEX Lakbay Norte 6 Reunion

Hi huggers! For those of you who have been following me for a while now, I’m sure you heard about my Lakbay Norte 6 Family.


A quick recap, I had a Five day trip on a bus exploring the Nueva Ecija and North Cagayan with chosen travel bloggers a few months ago.

We were then tasked to share about our unforgettable experiences and have our readers discover North Luzon as another great destination for vacation through our blogs.

Here’s a photo of Palaui Island, one of the breathtaking places we’ve explored during the LN6 trip…

Palaui Island


Dos Hermanos Islets

It has been a tradition for the management and the rest of the team to have a reunion and gather the travel bloggers once again right after every Lakbay Norte trip.

Here’s a photo of the complete Lakbay Norte 6 Bloggers/ Media / Writer posing for the camera on one of our destinations during the trip.


Nlex Lakabay Norte , Palaui Island

NLEX Lakbay Norte Media/ Bloggers :

TJ Araneta of Expat Travel and Lifestyle Magazine , Mark Conrad of Staycation Philippines , Dave Gatenby UW of Silverbackpacker , Lorenz Marasigan of Business Mirror, Arriane Guzman of Travel Habeat, Marky Go of Nomadic Experiences , C Keller Santos of Locale PH, Gretchen Dublin of Filipina Explorer, Jerricho Reynaldo of North Bound Magazine, Celine Reyes of , Astrid Alvarez of The Poor Traveler , Iza Abao of Two Monkeys Travel, Levy Amosin of Hugging Horizons , Estan Conrad Cabigas of Langyaw Media, Martin San Diego of Rappler , Jen Andres of Out of Town blog, Klara Añonuevo of Travel Now magazine  , Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap of, Isa Rodriguez of  When in manila, Moireen Espinosa of former Advertising Sales and Marketing of North Bound Magazine, Kara Santos of Travel Up, Mujee Gonzales of Go to Philippines, and Christian  Sangoyo of Lakad Pilipinas.

Unfortunately, the sad part was… due to our busy schedules and overlapping blog collaborations, we weren’t able to meet everyone again during the scheduled reunion.

However, tonight I’d like to share my favorite photos from one of my most treasured groups in the blogging industry. (Credits to the owner of the photos, specifically grabbed photos from the NLEX Lakbay Norte 6 Facebook Page.)

Meet my Lakbay Norte Family. Here are some of the travel bloggers and media personalities who came to LN6 Reunion. Enjoy the photos love!


IMG_4190 IMG_4191 IMG_4192 IMG_4193 IMG_4194 IMG_4195 IMG_4197 IMG_4198 IMG_4199


We then had more games…


IMG_4186 IMG_4187 IMG_4188 IMG_4189

Travel bloggers are one of the most awesome people on the planet, their open mindedness is something I’m really fond off. The various places and numerous cultures they’ve adapted to might have created this chill personality, which had most of us look at life on a much possitive and deeper perspective, no more cultural barriers but more of an understanding  heart.


Indeed traveling is a therapy and blogging is our way of giving justice to those priceless  memories we’ve created along our journey, may it be with kindhearted souls, new found friends, common faces and even the starngers we met along the way.


Thank you so much guys for reading! Hope you liked this short update. Comment down below if you know some of the media /writer /bloggers on the photos posted above.



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