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Capiz Bay Resort

HABITS OF REAL LOVE (A travel + Love Guide) ft. Private Beach Resort

Built to last (ft. Capiz Bay Resort) Not the usual Travel guide. According to ” Spiritually speaking, it is said that even before you were born, the name of your spiritual half has been determined. Each soul has a perfect match… your soulmate. Although most people think of a soulmate as a perfect harmonious union of bliss, your true…

hugging horizons, south korean army

Told Anecdotes of a South Korean Military (A Travel Confession)

Today, I am going to share a short and interesting story about a real incident or person. In this blog you’ll find a travel confession from a discharged South Korean Military. A few weeks ago I spent a week in Manila for the Travel Blogger’s Exchange Convention and was able to meet one of my closest friends in my previous college…

dachshund dog

Life lately + Free Puppy : A pet adoption story

A Pet adoption Story Note: Not a travel blog. Category: More hugs – inspirational articles This past few days, I’m sure most of you may have noticed that I have not been posting my thoughts online compared to the previous months. Wanna know the reason why? Well, I have been busy with something. How the story began? A few days ago, my…


Epic Acts I did in Manila to Survive College!

Not a travel guide obviously. More of a confession blog. I apologize for not posting much blogs lately, I’ve been seriously busy with My SEO and all that. However, allow me to share a part of my personal life back in Manila during my College years. Blog category: Factual Entertainment 1. One Rainy morning, I had to pretend I’m injured…


Why We Love Traveling on Rainy days? (Epic Facts)

Have you ever tried traveling during rainy seasons? Experience the unlimited confetti festival from the gloomy sky. Enjoy the legit lights & sounds show brought by lightning & thunder. Instead of getting annoyed, why not feel the rain than just getting wet? On this travel blog I will try to share 5 facts why some travelers love traveling during moonsoon…


Boracay 2016: Blogger’s thoughts on Love

Warning: Please excuse me for being Cheesy. This blog is not the usual travel guide, however, this article will somehow give you a glimpse of my personal life as a traveler and as a normal person. I will try my best to describe love by giving you a portion of our Modern Love Story. I never had time blogging about our feelings for…

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