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EYE SOCIETY: World’s Finest Luxury Eyewear Brands in Iloilo City (A Shopping Guide)

EYE SOCIETY: A HOUSE OF BRANDS NOW IN ILOILO CITY Greetings! Iloilo City, can no longer deny it’s charm to the investors worldwide! One of the top High-end distributors of luxury eyewear has finally opened its branch in Iloilo! Tonight I’m blogging what this luxurious boutique can offer. In this City Shopping guide, you’ll be able to find the following: Luxury…


Catch them All at Pokemon Center Sapporo Japan: Travel Guide

 Gonna Catch them All at Pokemon Center Sapporo (Japan) Konichiwa! Shout out to all Pokemon Goers out there! Gonna catch them all ey? I am freaking fascinated with this Pokemon Go free-to-play app!People who used to lock themselves out in the real world started mingling with random people, started making  new friends and begun creating new social groups for fun. The…