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Why We Love Traveling on Rainy days? (Epic Facts)

Have you ever tried traveling during rainy seasons? Experience the unlimited confetti festival from the gloomy sky. Enjoy the legit lights & sounds show brought by lightning & thunder. Instead of getting annoyed, why not feel the rain than just getting wet? On this travel blog I will try to share 5 facts why some travelers love traveling during moonsoon…


Top 5 Hong Kong Luxury Shopping Malls (A Travel Guide) 

Top 5 Upscale Shopping malls in Hong Kong and Where to find them! Good day Readers! The beautiful Hong Kong has always been named as part of the Top 10 cities in the world with the most wealthy people worldwide! Have you ever wondered where the elites or these financially blessed people shop? Trivia: Four of these luxury malls are…


EYE SOCIETY: World’s Finest Luxury Eyewear Brands in Iloilo City (A Shopping Guide)

EYE SOCIETY: A HOUSE OF BRANDS NOW IN ILOILO CITY Greetings! Iloilo City, can no longer deny it’s charm to the investors worldwide! One of the top High-end distributors of luxury eyewear has finally opened its branch in Iloilo! Tonight I’m blogging what this luxurious boutique can offer. In this City Shopping guide, you’ll be able to find the following: Luxury…

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