Pineridge Bucari Leon Iloilo

Tips for 1st time tourists in LEON ILOILO (There’s MORE than just Bucari)

A week ago, I started my journey with Helicam Philippines on promoting the tourism of my very own Home town- Iloilo. (FYI: I was born in Iloilo but was raised & grew up in Manila.)

That the same day started my nonstop jaw-dropping experiences with our target location- LEON, ILOILO (“The Vegetable Bowl of Iloilo.”).

I was tasked to act normal and travel the way I do during my blog projects and such. Helicam on the other hand was obliged to document my journey for each trip written on our contract.

And so tonight, I’m sharing with you the things I’ve discovered in Leon. I opted to give you a list of the things you must see & do when in Leon!

Things to see & do

1. PINERIDGE MOUNTAIN RESORT, (COFFEE WITH A VIEW) Brgy. Bacolod, Leon Iloilo province

Pineridge Bucari Leon Iloilo

This place is located before the Campsite of Bucari. Pineridge actually is located in another baranggay which is called Bacolod, but since Bucari is much known, the owner then opted to adopt & included “bucari” turning out to name the place “PINERIDGE BUCARI”.

No wonder this place trended w/o me sponsoring the post, the place is stunning and offers astonishing view while tourists enjoys their cup of coffee harvested straight from the farm of Pineridge.

The place also offers European cuisines which is well recommended by the owner himself.

Some activities around the area can also be done, certain fees may apply tho.

Pineridge Bucari Leon Iloilo

-ATV 200php
-Horseback riding (Just like in Baguio)
-House party
And a lot more!


Pineridge Bucari Leon Iloilo

  • Try their “Palawan” a kakanin harvested straight from Pineridge’s farm.
  • Be informed: 100php/ pax includes Coffee & few snacks
  • Try their European cuisine : However some dishes might be pricey, bring extra money.
  • For house party: ask the owner for reservation.

2. CHASING WATERFALLS (Brgy. Camandag, Brgy. Bonbon & Brgy. Bulwang)

Leon Iloilo Waterfalls

Off to our next stop was the 3 sister Brgys in Leon which showcases mesmerizing Falls.

My partner for the trip who comes with me and was always in front of the camera is “Philip” a good guy who’s way so much into Adventure Travels. On the camera is “Bryan”. These 2 were my travel buddies for that day.

Moving on… Philip and I had to cross rivers, hanging bridges to reach the falls, while Bryan had to do all the same activities while filming our adventures (Tough job indeed!)

Leon Iloilo Province

Bryan had to fly drones once in a while so the film would give such massive impact on our later viewers and present how beautiful places in Leon province are!

Leon Iloilo Waterfalls

a group shot taken after all the shoots 😀 (Back – Philip, Middle – Bryan, Front- ME)


Leon Iloilo Waterfalls

  • Slippers: must bring! (Had to remove my socks and shoes during the trip and had to dry my feet up after the shoot.) Don’t make gaya me. 😅
  • Small towels: must bring!
  • Snacks: Healthy snack Bars, biscuits and water bottles are must brings too!

3. CAMPING (Bucari camp)

Bucari Leon Iloilo

Finally Bucari! Now this is Bucari, the place where pine trees and a Baguio vibe is literally presented.

I was very much in awe on how similar the place looked like Baguio. No doubt why netizens have been raving about this place as “The Little Baguio”. Surprisingly the place was huge and wide in person, but compared to Baguio ofcourse Bucari is small in size. Scenery wise though, it looks very much like Baguio City! Labelled as “The summer Capital of Iloilo” I couldn’t agree more! Like hello, the weather up there was cold enough to be compared to Baguio.



Bucari Leon Iloilo

  • Overnight-If you guys plan to stay overnight, I swear one must bring jackets and thick blankets.
  • Bring food- canned goods that can be easily opened are must brings. Hard boiled eggs too!
  • Stores- Yes! Small stores are available around the area. Products are sold reasonable too. (Loved their nuts and pancit canton)
  • Hygene- Toilets and comfort rooms are very much available, however beware of frogs though. 😉

There you go! That’s how we ended our 1st collaborative trip!

Stay tuned in for my next travel stories with Helicam Philippines.

Getting there

From Manila

1. Fly to Iloilo via Cebu Pacific / Philippine Airlines *Daily flights are available*
2. Ride a Cab to GT mall Pavia
3. Ride Pavia Ungka jeep to Leon Town Plaza

I. Drop off Leon to Pineridge

1. From Leon ride “Habal-habal” (single motor) / tricycle to brgy. Bacolod.

2. Tell the driver to bring you to Pineridge Bucari, Brgy. Bacolod before the Bucari Campsite.

II. Drop off Leon to Brgy. Camandag, Brgy. Bonbon & Brgy. Bulwang -Chasing Waterfalls

1. From Leon ride “Habal-habal” (single motor) / tricycle to brgy. Camndag, Bonbon and Bulwang.

Landmark: Signage of Waterfalls with locations pointing to Brgy. Camandag, Brgy. Bonbon & Brgy. Bulwang.

2. Tell the driver to bring you to Leon waterfalls, Brgy. Camandag, Brgy. Bonbon & Brgy. Bulwang

  also before the Bucari Campsite.

III. To Bucari

  1. From the town plaza, ride a tricycle and ask  the driver to drop you off at the jeepney station bound for Bucari. (40 min to Bucari)



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Pineridge Bucari Leon Iloilo

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