7 post card worthy churches of Iloilo

7 Postcard Worthy Churches that will make you explore Iloilo

I’m back world! A few days ago, I’ve posted an update on social media informing my readers that I will be doing my self a favor for the holy week. I kept my space away from the human race by putting my phone down for a few days and staying away from the noise brought by the online world. As a result, I was able to recharge and gain some energy … Yeay! (You guys should try it too!)


Wondering what I did for the past few days? Today I am giving you a glimpse of the things I did and the places I’ve been to. Last Wednesday, I got a text from Moireen, one of my closest friends from Manila that she’s spending the Holy week in Iloilo. This gave me the chance to meet her after a long while and spend one blessed Friday.


My 1st Visita Iglesia

To cut the story short I joined Moireen with her sweet family and did Visita Iglesia together.

Visita Iglesia is an old tradition of the Catholic Religion where people or devotees would come visit and pray in seven chosen churches. That was my first time practicing the said kagawian. I wasn’t really sure what was coming my way that day, I trusted my faith to where it may lead me. I was  indeed astonished by the breathtaking  structures of the churches from Iloilo Province. In fact, the stories behind the majestic churches made it even more captivating.

Allow my photos to give you a glimpse of how jaw dropping and postcard worthy the churches in Iloilo are.



I. Miagao Church – Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish Church

7 post card worthy churches of Iloilo

Miagao Church is one of the best examples of Baroque Churches in the Country and was included in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The Miagao Church is made of coral, limestone and eggs. The church is flesh in color, which may compliment the pastel themed feed of people who keeps an instagram account too!

II. Guimbal Church- Yellow Sandstone

7 post card worthy churches of Iloilo

A yellow sandstone built in 1774. This is one of the oldest church in the Philippines. Composed of adobe stones and coral stones from Guimaras (Another beautiful island a few minutes away from Iloilo).

III. Tigbauan Church- A beautiful disaster

7 post card worthy churches of Iloilo

A beautiful disaster. It was mentioned to us that the church was actually built in 1575 but was destroyed by an earthquake in 1948.  The interiors were also teared apart during world war II. However, during our visit, I must say that this church’s undeniably mesmerizing stone murals totally caught me off guard.

Here’s a closer look of another colorful mosaic inside the church.

7 post card worthy churches of Iloilo

Ganda noh? ikr.

IV. Arevalo Church – Home of Sto. Nino de Arevalo

7 post card worthy churches of Iloilo

The simple yet miraculous parish of the Iloilo Province.  1501 Sto. Nino de Arevalo is kept in this parish. It was said that the Sto. Nino image is miraculous. Countless testimonies lingered around the province and are well known to most if not all of the people of the parish,  some said sick people recovered from terminal diseases and childless couples eventually had off springs, more miraculous stories are being gathered as the years go by even up to this generation.

V. Molo Church- A Gothic Church

7 post card worthy churches of Iloilo

The Molo church is a Gothic designed church, one can immediately notice this by the evident pointed towers. This church is made of white coral rock in the 1831 and was finished in 1888. Also, the bells of this church make musical tones due to its different sizes.

VI. Jaro Cathedral – Church of St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Jaro Cathedral Iloilo

My Comfort zone. This is the first and the only cathedral in the province. Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria or the Lady of the Candles was declared as the Patroness of Western Visayas after Pope John Paul II set the crown upon the Marian image during his visit.

It was said that the Lady of Candles is protected by a glass case. However through the years, the Madonna and Child image happened to grow and could no longer fit the glass case. It was explained that the limestone kept on growing. The Marian image which is 400 years old was then transferred to its present location. The shrine is visited by devotees who believe it to be miraculous.

 My reason might be a little bit personal. I’ve been attached to the cathedral’s beauty as well as it’s capacity to make some of my dreams come true too. I’m not much of a devotee, but I must insist that this church played a big role on strengthening my faith and did help me find the right path to take.

The stunning Jaro Belfry in front of the Cathedral


VII. San Jose Parish Placer, Plaza Libertad

San Jose Parish Placer


A gorgeous pastel colored parish located in the heart of the city, near the Iloilo City Hall and in front of the historical Plaza Libertad. The nearest catholic church in the busy streets of Plaza Libertad.

Again, I’d like to thank Moireen and her Family for making this possible. 🙂 With gorgeous churches like ours, not to mention the captivating stories each contains, Visita Iglesia will now be something I’m looking forward to do again next year.

Those mentioned above are only few of the many stunning churches found in the city of love. I really do hope this short update did inspire you to visit and explore Iloilo. If you have any other suggestions or you think I missed some important information, feel free to comment it all below. God bless and Happy Easter!


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