Scenic World Australia: Dramatic rides found nowhere else on earth


Set amid the natural tremendous surroundings of Blue Mountains is the SCENIC WORLD.

The Iconic 3 sisters rock formation as my backdrop

The Iconic 3 sisters rock formation as my backdrop

Blue Mountains is approximately 90 min by car or train west of Sydney, Australia’s New South Wales. What you’re about to read are my memories of fun and carefree youthful trip brought by non-other than, the affordable luxury travel and tours provider– EON TRAVEL AND TOURS.

Blue Mountains is widely popular for dramatic scenery, embracing breathtaking steep cliffs, magical waterfalls, vast range of eucalyptus forests and villages with several guesthouses, pretty garden and parks. The main town in this place is Katoomba, it has an open echo point which caters views of the famous Three Sisters sandstone rock formation. Below are some photos taken at the echo point with the “Three sisters” rock formation as my backdrop. I pass the time watching a number of families and friends on tour taking their photos of memories while the cold icy wind kissed our cheeks welcome and the winter sun bid the sweetest good bye.


Waradah show— we watched the locals perform a short play before we headed to the echo point and our lunch venue

Waradah show— we watched the locals perform a short play before we headed to the echo point and our lunch venue.


Katoomba Villagers

Katoomba Villagers


Our lunch buffet venue, just a few minutes away from the echo point by bus.

Our lunch buffet venue, just a few minutes away from the echo point by bus.


We had Chinese food— Lauriat

We had Chinese food— Lauriat


Three sisters rock formation in Australia

Another landscape photo taken at the Echo Point with the iconic 3 sisters rock formation at my back ♥️


Off we go for an adventure at the Scenic World, perched on the edge of sheer sandstone cliffs overlooking the Jamison Valley.

Tickets at the Top station

Scenic World Katoomba Blue Mountains

Scenic World Top Station

We began our Scenic World journey by getting our purchased tickets also known as “Discovery pass” which gave us unlimited access to the following scenic rides: Skyway, Railway, Walkway and Cableway. As instructed by our tour coordinator Jane we got our tickets at the Top Station.

The four scenic rides will all depart from the Top Station and travels across the Jamison Valley. All these rides have its own unique and dramatic ways of having us witness the tremendous views and awe-inspiring backdrops offered by the natural surroundings of Blue Mountains. Allow me to elaborate more on this as we move on further.

The Scenic Railway

Scenic Railway Katoomba Blue Mountains Australia

Katoomba Scenic Railway in Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia, has a 52°-angle slope (128% maximum gradient). The 310-m-long (1,017-ft) funicular was originally built for mining purposes in 1878 but was converted into a recreational ride for tourists in 1945. – Guinness book of World Records

My experience

88BDBB1C-EFDA-426C-9D76-E1003E286F11 Photos taken during our steepest railway ride! 😱🤯😰

Right after the top station, we followed our guide and tour coordinator to the Scenic Railway, I was fairly calm yet curious seconds before we were asked to finally ride the passenger railway. It was mentioned ahead that passengers can choose their level of adventure, simply by adjusting their seated position up to 20 degrees. Here are the choices: CLIFF HANGER at a steep 64° incline; LAID BACK for a more relaxed journey; or for loyal fans, ORIGINAL at 52°. Everybody chose the original out of excitement, honestly thought that it would be a relaxed scenic ride, only to my surprise when the train begun traveling its way down the steepest railway, it was extreme, far from how relaxed I imagined the ride would be!

Scenic railway Katoomba Scenic WorldEveryone else was screaming their heart out, I couldn’t even hear my heartbeat no matter how hard I felt it pounding wildly. It was definitely one of the most unique experience I have ever had in my life. It’s far from how a typical rollercoaster ride is, the scenic railway would give its passengers a sight of the magnificent landforms and mountains in Australia just like how it was shown on National Geographic shows while giving us a taste of a genuine heart attack. The adrenaline rush brought by the majestic views combined with science, motion and gravity makes the experience overwhelming yet one of a kind. An experience of a life time, something I will never forget for the rest of my life! Is it a must try? If you may ask—YES it is!!! (This ride is not advisable for the fainthearted.)


The original railway was built in the late 19th century to serve the Katoomba coal mine. It was then acquired by the Hammon family in 1945, and has been operating for tourists over 70 years and has been thrilling 25 million passengers.


The Scenic Walkway

Zoom in closer to see mannequins inside the cave 🤫

Zoom in closer to see mannequins inside the cave 🤫

We then experienced walking under the canopy of and magical calm rain forest. While strolling around the scenic Walkway, our tour coordinator mentioned that the Walkway is 2.4 Kilometers and is an elevated boardwalk which varies in length as it is signposted.

My Experience

A total different world. The scenic world’s rainforest is home to many species of intrinsic ecosystem. In fact, I even told my companions Sir Roger, our official travel photographer Vin and our tour coordinator Jane that strolling around the walkway seems to bring back an ambiance of the Jurassic Era. I have also witnessed the canopy’s own microclimate which is quite distinctive from the weather at the top of the cliff or escarpment. The whole forest seems to come more alive in the rain, a more vocal birdlife, hues of nature become way more amplified and mist confounds your sense of distance.


Some posts would take 5 to 10 minute stroll and some might take an hour. Picnic tables and storm shelters are also found along the route.


The Scenic Cableway

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The end point of the Scenic Walkway brought us all to the Scenic Cableway.

A 545 meter Scenic Cableway journey which I find as one of the relaxing and gentle rides that may be found in Scenic World. The Scenic Cableway descends into the Jamison Valley and returns to the top of the escarpment or the cliff.

My Experience

We rode this fully enclosed aerial cable car or cabin. The Cabin is an exceptional vantage point for viewing iconic rock formations: Three Sisters, Orphan Rock and Mt Solitary. I positioned myself at the edge of the cabin so I can take good photos for remembrance. I have to admit that despite the relaxed movement of this ride, still the experience was a thrilling. A humbling memory which reminded me of how huge this world can be compared to the problems brought by this temporary world. We then passed closely by sheer sandstone cliffs, which showcased the renowned geology and geomorphology of the World Heritage region.


Opened in 2000, the current Swiss-made cabin was launched in 2018. Built by world leading ropeway engineering company, Doppelmayr Garaventa. The whole cabin has the capacity of brining 84 passengers. Safe to say it is the steepest aerial cable car in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Scenic Skyway

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The fun isn’t even finished yet, as were then introduced the glide between cliff tops with panoramic views of World Heritage landscapes on the Scenic Skyway.This 720 meter journey provides the best views of Katoomba Falls, the Three Sisters, Mt Solitary and Jamison Valley.

My Experience

Suspended 270 meters above ancient ravines, breathtaking views of rainforest canopy are revealed beneath your feet through the electro-glass cabin floor.

Tip: For the less adventurous you may choose sitting at the available solid flooring too.


This was opened in 1958. Scenic Skyway was Australia’s first cable car. Presently this Swiss-made cabin was launched in 2017 and can carry 84 passengers every 10 minutes. This is the largest aerial cable car in the Southern Hemisphere.

Lookout for the Prince Henry Cliff Walk, including Echo Point and the iconic Three Sisters.

EON Travel and Tours was responsible for making this wonderful journey possible. Scenic world is only one of the many destinations we visited in Australia. Expect a series of Sydney stories for the whole month as I embark on sharing more about this trip. Ending this blog post with 5 stars and high recommendations for EON Travel and tours for being the most affordable luxury travel partner I’ve ever been on board.

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