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North PH: Beautiful summer destinations to visit this 2017

Summer is fast approaching! After that cold freezing weather, summer is totally back at it again, temperature starts to rise once more. As cliche as it may sound, indeed the best way to beat the heat of the sun is to check out the countless summer destinations in the Philippines!


Tired of the usual the mainstream beaches? Here are 2 beautiful summer destinations that you should add to your travel itinerary!


ANGUIB Beach : A secret paradise

Away from the crowd, no commercial establishments, few guests and a stunning views. This is how I can recall that perfect getaway in one of the gorgeous Islands of Sta. Ana Cagayan. Anguib beach is located in the north-western tip of the province of Cagayan.

Anguib beach


The perfect destination for the Beach bummers.

A long stretch beach with fine powdery white sand and is often compared to the beauty of Boracay Island back when it wasn’t that mainstream yet. A tropical hub that would feed all those tourists craving secretly for a deserted destination. A priceless ambiance away from the noise of the world and the conflicts of the human race. I opted to list down some of the refreshing activities that you can do in the said beach…


I. Watch the dramatic backdrop of the sun amidst the ocean

(c) Lakwatserong Tsinelas

(c) Lakwatserong Tsinelas


II. Picnic & Drinking Spree

Cagayan North

Caretakers are often found around the Island, the food and beverages for the visitors may also be arranged by them. Do you love seafood? In this beach, seafood is always fresh, since they are caught straight from the sea. You guys also have a choice to bring your own food as long as you don’t have to cook them on the beach itself. During our stay we were informed that there is another portion of the Island where we can do camping and cook our own food, however due to the limited time we had, we were tasked to visit the other neighboring Island of Cagayan and leave Anguib beach. But before I elaborate on that part of the trip, here are some other activities that you can do in Anguib Beach…

III. Conversation with friends (Beach Bumming)

Anguib Beach


 Anguib beach, Sta Ana Cagayan

A picture of my fellow travel bloggers (Maria Rona Beltran of  ,  Arrianne Guzman of and Iza Abao of )during the mandatory photo sessions of self portrait and sponsored products.


Anguib Beach

Here’s a photo of me at the swing. Credits to Dave of for taking this shot. Anguib Beach is definitely  the perfect hub for beach bummers!

IV. Relax & Chill

Anguib beach is enclosed in a cove, you’ll notice clear waters with different shades of blue, from sky blue , azure to turquoise surrounding the Island. I must admit that it was my first time seeing a sky with the same color as the ocean. A perfect ambiance to relax & chill away from the usual fast-paced lifestyle in the Metro.

Anguib Beach

Anguib Beach

What I’m wearing : Halter Mesh Swimwear, Ivy Shades and Round Beach Scarf from Fièvre 


anguib beach

Imagine your self in this beautiful Island, witnessing the different hues of clear waters surrounded by the boats and lush mountains. A perfect Summer getaway indeed!

V. Snorkeling


Anguib beach

Tip: Bring your own snorkeling gear.

Another beautiful destination to visit this Summer is Palaui Island. The island of Palaui is one of the finest paradise here on earth. With it’s untouched beauty and mesmerizing views, I can no longer find the reason why this place isn’t on your summer itinerary yet! You have to see how gorgeous this country is and one of the many ways to do that is to visit and experience Palaui.

Dramatically Spellbinding Scenery of PALAUI Island


Palaui Island

A jaw dropping view that will stun and change the way you look at life forever. The views from Palaui Island are priceless treasures kept by our eyes and admired by our hearts. I’m not exaggerating my reviews about this place, these are all honest travel confessions. You must visit this Island and see how majestic and awesome this place can be.

Dos Hermanos Islets (Two Sisters)

Dos Hermanos Islets

A picture of the rocky Islets, majestic tides from the pacific, the rolling hills and the untouched forests.

Cape Engano Palaui Island

Another view from Cape Engaño Lighthouse of Palaui Island. Can’t help but be in awe of this beautiful scenery.

Palaui Island

Cape Engaño Lighthouse

A photo taken at the Cape Engaño Lighthouse with Mark Conrad of

crocodile Island in Palaui Island

(c) TheLostKids

(Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a photo of the Crocodile Island due to the gloomy weather. The photo above is from one of the awesome travel bloggers in the country .


  • Bring Dry Bags (waterproof sport bags) – The waves can really get rough on your way to the Islands.
  • Peak Season is during Summer and Holy week.
  •  Don’t go here if the weather is rough, The Philippine Coast guard may prohibit you to visit Anguib Beach and Palaui Island due to bad weather and huge waves.

How to get there?



Manila to Tuguegarao


Philippine Airlines & Cebu Pacific has daily flights to Tuguegarao , Cagayan . (45 min – 1 hour)

By Land

Victory Liner has several day and night trips to Tuguegarao, Cagayan (10 – 12 hours)

Tuguegarao to Sta. Ana

Take a public van bound for Sta. Ana at Don Domingo Public Terminal.

at Sta. Ana take a Tricycle for San Vicente Port.

For Island Beach Hoping & People to contact

Contact SAMOBA- Port San Vicente, Santa Ana, Cagayan, Chairman : Julius Loquing with tel no: 0935-3839878, Port Dispatcher : Evie Tayab ( 0926-1880213) and the Nagaramoan Dispatcher : Loreto Dela Cruz (0935-1306754)

For more information about the place and their day tour, please contact Sta. Ana Tourism Officers, E-mail:

Credits to  #NLEXTravel – Lakbay Norte 6 for making this trip possible.


Levy Amosin

Travel Blogger

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