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Iloilo: Singer-Song Writer & her #EARGASM Story

A month ago before my trip to the North side of the Philippines, I met one of the honourable artists in Iloilo City, Mia Van. We had a common friend and we were introduced to each other by a random circumstance. I found out countless amazing facts in the music industry through her stories and some great facts about her road to stardom during our chats, we had lunch together the other week right after our first meet up with some friends in town. During our barkada date she mentioned something about her new Single entitled “MAHAL KITA” which was coming out real soon both in the local and national music industry, she even mentioned about publishing her own music video on YouTube, which did really excite me, I mean come ‘on, who wouldn’t like to have a singer-song writer friend! Besides, don’t you think this is something we Ilonggos should really be proud of? Another rising star from Iloilo in the making!

I got even more curious about her music. Gah! I guess my stars were lucky that day, cause Mia granted my request, it was on the same day that she had a shoot for her music video, she asked me to come join her on the shoot and I heard her sang her new single “Mahal Kita”! I can still remember the chills it gave me, her voice was literally spell-binding to the point that it stunned me and had me realize some things about love and life.

Her Music “MAHAL KITA”

iloilo singer song writer

“MAHAL KITA” is a song originally composed and arranged by Mia Van. Both the lyrics and the rhythm were products of her poetic and deep traits as a person. As I listened to her singing the song, I literally caught myself smiling secretly at the corner of the room; it’s as if I was listening to some iconic singer from a famous multimedia show on TV. I even saw a resemblance of her voice and even her physical attributes in one of the famous Pop singers today, haha I’m not spilling it out here on this blog though, you’ll have to listen to her music and figure it out yourself.

I honestly fell in love with the lyrics of the song, as far as I can remember, the song was about expressing love for another guy, a story of lost love yet having that strength to search and fight for it till the end. It was a bit dreamy but very much relatable. I mean with its addicting tune and love relevant lyrics, I’m sure most of the listeners would go gaga and be under the cases of Last song syndrome. It was truly an honor meeting Mia Van.

After listening to Mia Van perform, I found myself being on a “fan” mode and just had to ask her more about her musical career. Here are some of the facts that she shared during our conversation.

Here’s a TEASER of her official music video by the way…

Mia Van’s #EARGASM Story

Iloilo Singer Song writer

Mia Mentioned about her media exposures, she was part of the TV5 Rising Star and got in the Top 6 last 2016. The show was hosted by Mr. Ogie Alcasid and Miss Venus Raj. She also said that she had some media guesting, Nescafe Sound School , battle of the bands to name a few. I asked her if she has other musical skills other than being a singer song-writer, surprisingly she said that she can play the following instruments: Ukulele, guitar, cilindro, piano and even drums! Whew! How talented! Hobbies? Mia said that during her free time she writes songs, in fact Mia said that she has composed 30 + songs already. Talk about musical statistics, this girl right here mentioned that she can make 2 to 3 songs per month, How Passionate! Her sports? Karate do Shotoken Style with a title of first Dan Black belt. Gah! She’s the real life #GOALS.

Mia also mentioned that her biggest musical influence is Coldplay, well I couldn’t agree more! I mean I’m a fan of Coldplay too, I love them, I can listen to them the whole day. Same goes to Mia Van’s music, I swear after listening to her new single, you won’t be able to stop that urge of pressing the replay button countless times. I mean, I’ve done that several times with my favorite YouTube and Spotify artists, and Mia Van’s “Mahal Kita” is something that could compete with these genius melodies and beautiful captivating music.

One Heart One Love One Valentine: A Mini Valentine Concert for a cause

Ahuh! You’ve read that correctly, Mia Van is also putting up a concert this coming Valentines day. Our singer song-writer has this good heart indeed; this concert was created for the benefit of Brgy. North Baluarte, people whom Mia have always been passionate with. She’s using her music to spread love and support to her fellow Ilonggos. Can I just say, she’s really someone the younger generation should look up too. I can only count the young professionals I’ve met who would still pour their heart out on their craft for the sake of providing happiness for the many. Mia is one of these few good hearts on the road. I’m so happy I met and became friends with her, before she becomes unreachable. Haha! I mean Hi Mia, If you’re reading this, We have the same advocacy, “find your purpose, your passion is the best profession.” We may differ in some ways; I love writing and pairing it with good travel photos, while Mia loves music, singing and writing songs. With that passion burning in her heart, I’m sure she’ll be able to prove her worth to the world someday and be one of the most inspiring people you’ll meet in your life time.

I would definitely watch her concert at the CAP building 7 PM on February 14, 2017 ! And for those who would like to join and watch her with me, here are some of the details you need, for tickets please contact 09184682253 . Tickets are sold at 100 PHP  and 300 PHP with dinner buffet 😀

See you there!


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