Cafe Diem Iloilo


πŸ¦„Harry Potter-ish inspired Cafe Diem tickled my imagination, I wonder how “Unicorn Blood” tastes like?


Cafe Diem Iloilo


Cafe Diem Iloilo

The cafe is located at SM City Iloilo’s newest building and have recently caught the attention of young professionals as well as families lingering around the mall. This Hogwarts themed Cafe also serves the following uniquely named dishes :

Also serves:
Personalized Recipes & Unique dishes
πŸ™ŠDeath Eaters
πŸ™ˆGoblet of Fire!
🍺(The famous)Butterbeer
🍡Match Lava Cake
And a lot more!


Cafe Diem Iloilo

Allow the pictures to explain the rest of the ambiance!

Cafe Diem Iloilo



Cafe Diem Iloilo


Cafe Diem Iloilo


Cafe Diem Iloilo


Cafe Diem Iloilo

Other Services:

Small Event bookings 🌚


πŸ„Other Branches:

Megaworld Transcom (Coffee here is cheaper)
Miagao – Main Branch


πŸ“How to get there?

From Manila

✈️Book a flight to Iloilo City

From IloiloπŸ•Š

🚘 Take a cab to SM City Iloilo
πŸ¦„ Drop Off : SM South wing (1st Cafe from the Left *Facing entrance* – CAFE DIEM)

🐾 Take a Jeepney ride with “Leganes / SM City” signages.
🐊Drop Off: SM city, diversion.
πŸ€Walk your way to South Wing of SM City Iloilo. (1st Cafe from the Left *Facing entrance* – CAFE DIEM)


Another unique Cafe has been added to the Coffee Wonderland of the Country – ILOILO CITY! HAPPY CAFE HOPPING!



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