Dinagyang 2017

Dinagyang 2017: Top 5 Things you’ll see + my “Onesie” Story!

I woke up today with an undecided mind, I’ve always wanted to visit places and celebrate festivals. Dinagyang is one of the closest festival to my heart, technically I was born in Iloilo City, raised in Manila and recently been flying back & forth to Hong Kong (safe to say, slowly I’m learning to be an Expat in Hong Kong), anyway enough with that personal background story. So a day before I’ll leave for another Asian country, I thought of compiling the Top 5 things you’ll see during Dinagyang Festival.  I said Top 5 since the once I will be enumerating below are those I’ve noticed several times during my adventure today. If you really do think I should have focused on some other angles and attractions, please do comment your suggestions down below and I’ll try to make another blog about one of the best Festival celebrated in Visayas, Dinagyang! Le go “Hala Bira” friends?

Allow my “Onsie” story to tour you around the city…


Dinagyang Onesie 2017

In 1…2…3

I. Food Trucks!!!

First on the list, Food trucks, there like all over the place. Food trucks here, food trucks there, food trucks everywhere! Here are some of the photos taken during my Food truck hopping today! Enjoy!





Dinagyang Food trucks


II. Dinagyang Shirts!


In Iloilo, you’ll never go wrong with that lazy outfit, shirt thing. If you’re in a struggle of what to bring your friends back in the city where you came from, then definitely the Souvenir shirts are perfect! Ta dah!

I only took one shot of the Souvenir stalls, but I swear, this kind of store is all over the city. So I bet you’ll never have a hard time trying to find and spend your precious moments on searching for Pasalubongs!!!


III. Food Festival… nom nom nom.

Heller Iloilo! May nanalo na! I insist Iloilo has the most number of Food stalls in the Philippines. I mean in other festivals, I’ve noticed that the focus of having food stalls isn’t as massive as what Iloilo City can offer. Can you believe it? Iloilo Actually has its own Food Festival! I mean like, if you’re following me on instagram (@annetours), you’ll find out from my live stories that, on my search for the topic I am suppose to blog today, What I’ve noticed most and what appeared right before my eyes were mostly Foooooooooooood! I’ts always Kainan time! “Kaon ta di, kaon tada, kaon ta to, kaon kaon kaon” (EAT EAT EAT!!!) hahaha! Can you tell? This is the ultimate Food porn City guys! Allow the pictures to tell you the real story…


Dinagyang 2017


dinagyang 2017


IV. Bands

I’ve noticed several Band set ups and Concert stages from one corner to another, though there were no artists performing yet, my point here is, such kind of musical attraction is also something you’d be seeing a lot if you plan to join the Dinagyang next year. I’m sure you wont regret  listening to them, I can guarantee that Ilonggos are very much musically inclined and talented.


Dinagyang 2017


V. Tribes Everywhere!

Dinagyang 2017

And last, but def. not the least! As cliché as it may sound, I saved the best for last. This is the ultimate highlight of Dinagyang Festival. Actually on the 2nd day of Dinagyang (which happened to be today for this year) the locals are celebrating Kasadyahan where in several tribes from random provinces of Panay joins and showcases their talents through story telling presented in their stunning gorgeous costumes & re enacts the ways our ancestors lived. This is showed on a number of judging areas. On the 3rd day of Dinagyang, according to my sources, tourists flock during this day since this has been the mostly promoted part of the Festival. Locals and tourists joins the “Ati-Ati” tribes and dance along the streets, have their pictures taken and have fun! Forgive me though cause my time was limited so I had to go back home and pack my things for my next trip. Sorry I can’t feature the Highlight.


People I bumped into …


Dinagyang 2017


Shout out to these beautiful women of media, from West Visayas University! They interviewed me due to the reason that my “onesie” from Eazy Fashion got their attention and they couldn’t help but ask me why I’m wearing such Attention seeking outfit. HAHA


Dinagyang 2017, hugging horizons


Dinagyang 2017


My answer and all that good stuff are to be found on their magazine issued probably this year of course! So for my readers, who are curious as well why I choose to roam around the city wearing “onesie”. Well, I had to wear this onesie outdoor so I could get my readers attention & promote my hometown plus encourage people that onesies are also some kind of a levelled up fashion + travel comfy buddy.

I mean you guys are important to me, I swear this is true! imagine a blogger with no reader? How fail and tragic.  So yeah, gotta do what i gotta do! 😀


Also Shout out to my readers whom I just met today, it actually gave me chills. Haha sorry if I’m speechless, your blogger is a bit introverted here.


What I’m Wearing?

Onesie Dinagyang 2017

Onesie – Sulley from EAZY FASHION. Get your own onesie too Click here: http://eazyfashion.com/

I guess this blog ends here! Thank you so much to my Brother (JR Amosin) for being my travel buddy today! See you soon and keep hugging horizons!



Levy Amosin

Travel blogger


  • Rjay January 22, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    Wow nice trivias… Madamo gid nga salamat for featuring our city. Yes, tani nainclude ang highlight of the event, which is the Ati Competition, the colorful costumes, the eccentric drum beats and the energetic performers. But I understand you are in a hurry for your flight. Hoping you could visit the city next year in time for Dinagyang 2018 to cover the highlight of the event.

    • hugginghorizons January 29, 2017 at 6:43 am

      Hi Rjay! Thank you so much for dropping by, will try to cover next year’s Dinagyang 😀 God bless Iloilo! <3


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