Solo trip in Hong Kong, aboard Aqua Luna Junk Ship

Aboard Aqua Luna Chinese Junk boat: Tips when cruising in Hong Kong

As I embark on telling you about one of the most unforgettable adventure of my life, let me share how I promised my self to do things that would center my self  for this trip only.

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I’ve been depriving my self for quite awhile with things that would make me happy and allowed pressure to consume me, may it be with work or with other matters. So I booked a ticket and flew alone for the first time. Safe to say this trip was purely personal with no work loads nor itinerary involved — perfectly spontaneous. Let me label this trip as “My Mindfulness Journey” – A trip that allowed me to know and love myself more and I’ve never ever been this happy and excited my whole life.

I’ve always been traveling in and out of Hong Kong usually for random business trips or rather family bonding.

This time I flew alone, first on my agenda was to cruise Hong Kong and experience Aqua Luna Chinese Junk boat. I’ve been google-ing it several times, yet its only now that my fascination has been brought to reality. Along with this blog entry you’ll find some insider tips which you may use when you’ve decided to try this activity soon.

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Aqua Luna

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Aqua Luna is one of Hong Kong’s few remaining traditional Chinese Junk boats. Cruising in this city will make you to unwind in style, see the stunning skyscrapers. An experience that may leave you in awe with the magnificent skyline. Picture out the moon slowly replacing the sun , you cruising along with a view of the city lights glimmering across the water. A magical experience while enjoying some of the best complimentary drinks served on board. You have an option to choose white wine, red wine, beer, cocktails and more. Of course, I had red wine. 😉

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Insider Tips

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  1. Reserve online / hotel booking / same day. I recommend you to have your Aqua Luna cruise booked online for a much secure and worry free reservation, especially during peak seasons. I booked mine through Klook mobile app.
  2. Show mobile / Printed Voucher. You may print or keep a digital copy of your voucher sent through your email once booked.
  3. Meet up at the Location. Arriving at the location may take 10-15 min. walk, I suggest you allow generous time to get there. You may choose one between the two pier situated below, but for best reserve seats I suggest you go straight to Tsim Sha Tsui Public Pier 1.
    • Tsim Sha Tsui Public Pier 1: Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station, L6 exit, across the street, Pier 1 is right behind Hong Kong Cultural Centre on your right (Near the Clock Tower)
    • Central Pier 9: via Hong Kong or Central MTR stations, just follow the signs for the ferry piers. Then walk along a raised pedestrian walkway. Reach the end, turn right until you reach Pier 9 (Near the Observation Wheel)
  4. Be on time. Arriving at the pier 15 minutes prior to the ship’s departure time would be perfect.
  5. On Taking the right seat. Take a seat on the ship side, especially during peak time.

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  1. Departure Times:

    • Tsim Sha Tsui Public Pier 1: Depart 5:30pm, 6:30pm, 8:30pm, 9:30pm, 10:30pm
    • Central Pier 9: Depart 5:45pm, 6:45pm, 8:45pm, 9:45pm, 10:45pm
    • Cruise that departs at 10:30pm and 10:45pm is only available every Thursdays-Saturdays
  2. I don’t recommend this for people who are prone to suffer from sea sickness.
  3. Well worth for romantic or friendly dates.

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This ends my blog entry for my first solo trip ever. I have more stories coming up next and I can’t wait to tell you guys more about it. Also, please stay updated through my instagram account : @levyamosin . I hope this blog did help you and is useful for your next Hong Kong adventure!



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