Calawag Resort, Antique

25 PHP Antique Trip: Things to See and do

There’s more than just Kawa bath, Say hello to Extreme River Tubing!


(c) Noel Amata

(c) Noel Amata

For today’s blog entry, allow me to show you around Calawag Mountain Resort. This refreshing destination is located at Brgy. Tuno, Tibiao, Antique. A resort suited and perfect for nature lovers.

Entrance fee? Php 25.00

For a very cheap price you may already enjoy and experience a day by the enchanting Tibiao river. By then you can take photos of wonderful memories during your nature trip.

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If you are down to go for more refreshing experiences, a lot of incredible activities are waiting for you, some of which are the ones I enumerated below:

  1. Soak at the ‘ Kawa “ hot bath

The most popular distressing activity established in Tibiao, Antique.

(c) Escape Manila

(c) Escape Manila

Here you are also given the chance to decide on which flavor you opt your ‘Kawa’ bath will have:

Top Picks

  • Kawa Salt Bath : Php 299/ person
  • Kawa Milk Bath : Php 399 / person
  • Kawa Coffee Bath : Php 399 / person
  • Kawa Beer Bath : Php 399 / person
  • Kawa Wine Bath : Php 399 / person

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During my recent trip with Tourism Promotions board Philippines, I was joined by remarkable travel bloggers throughout my first ‘Kawa’ tub experience. Below are some of our photos during this vitalizing bath.

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  1. Water Adventures

For extreme water adventures, one I strongly applaud that this resort bids for travelers with daring hearts would be Extreme water tubing and extreme water kayaking.


  • Extreme Water Tubing : Php 399 / person
  • Basic Kayaking : Php 499 / person (30 min.)
  • Extreme Kayaking : Php 899 / person
(c) Noel Amata

(c) Noel Amata

To rate my first river tubing experience, I have to say it was prodigious and exceptional. The rush of my blood felt like it synchronized with the thrilling waters of the animated river. The feeling of not knowing whether one will make it and pass through the slim opening of sandwiched massive river rocks was wildly addictive. If you’d ask me if I’m repeating such adventure, my answer would definitely be a loud YES!


  1. Boodle Meal – Lunch by the River / Php 249 per person 


Feel that fresh cold water rustle through your feet while munching over fresh fruits, salted egg, grilled fish, the resort’s bestselling native chicken (prepared in a very distinctive traditional manner) and a lot more. Below are some of the amazing photos taken during our trip.

(c) Noel Amata

(c) Noel Amata

Other meal venues

Lumpiga :  Php 299/ table

Picnic Table : Php 399/ table

Native Gazebo : Php 499/ gazebo

(c) Noel Amata

(c) Noel Amata

  1. Revitalize yourself by getting a


    beside the flowing waters of Tibiao River.

Rates are as follows:

Half Body Massage Php 199 (30 min) / person

Foot Massage Php 199 (30 min) / person

Full Body Massage Php 349 (1 hour) / person

Coffee Body Scrub 349 / person/ person

  1. Tibiao Fish Spa / Php 119 (30 min.)

Like any other fish spa experience, Calawag Mountain resort also offers this cool experience.

If you wish to stay overnight, this resort also offers pleasing accommodations.

Tree house Php 349 /person

Bahay Kubo Php 349 /person

If you are looking for something new to do this weekend, I strongly recommend you all to try checking out this resort in Antique. It’s definitely worth the joy ride from Iloilo.

How to get there?

From Iloilo City to Tibiao, Antique go to Molo Terminal.

You may choose a van or bus bound for Caticlan, Pandan, or Culasi.

The fare for Bus is around Php 100 – Php 150 and the van is around Php 200 – Php 250.

Travel time:  4-6 hours.

Then ask the driver to drop you by at the Calawag Mountain Resort.

Have a great day everyone! If you like this travel review, feel free to share this to your friends and families.

More photos found on my instagram account @levyamosin .


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