Alliance: Ang Lunas Co. Announces Partnership with Hugging Horizons

Manila, Philippines–Hugging Horizons the long running travel and lifestyle website catering precious memories, gorgeous travel destinations and curated international and local branded contents, today announced that it has partnered with Ang Lunas Co. a youth-run organization of artists, designers, and photographers looking to raise funds for commissions through creating artworks and producing merchandise to expand its presence in South East Asia and form an alliance to serve the public better.

Ang Lunas Co. and Hugging Horizons

Through this strategic partnership, Hugging Horizons and Ang Lunas Co. will provide programs and platforms aiming to reach audience even outside Manila, Philippines in promoting kindness and altruism through Art markets across South East Asia. Audience can now take advantage of the contents published on the official website, social media platforms in offering readers and prospect clients relatable, unique and heartfelt creations: Artworks.


About Ang Lunas Co.

Ang Lunas Co.

Ang Lunas Collaboratory is a youth-run organization of artists, designers, and photographers in the Philippines looking to raise funds for donation by way of making zines, merchandise, and commissions. Our main goal as creatives is to utilize our talent, skill, and privilege and turn it into actions of goodwill directed to those who need it most during these trying times. (Email: anglunascollaboratory@gmail.com)

This Youth-run organization of artists, designers and photographers is aiming and hoping to instill hope, educate and raise awareness for a population who are interested and willing to discover more.

“As creatives, we have the ability to communicate our cause through visuals, and we hope to utilize these skills for the betterment of others.” said Ang Lunas Collaboratory.


Founder(s) | Director(s)

Jaimie Lee


Jaimie is a Multimedia Arts major in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, Mania (DLS-CSB), currently working as a freelance illustrator amongst other creative outlets. It is her daily goal to continually progress and grow as a creative, in all aspects that correlate to anything art and design.

Jaimee Lee



Daniel Dave Legislador

Daniel Dave Legislador is a Young Entrepreneur. They operate a number of restaurants in the Philippines, including Horizon Cafe in Injap Hotel Iloilo. Currently he is a Director of Ang Lunas Co. (A collaboration of creative individuals that believe in using their skills to give hope and reach those in need. Beneficiary: House of Somang Philippine home for the aged). Dave is also busy with his upcoming tea business which will be launching soon.

Dave is a young entrepreneur and traditional artist based in Metro Manila, Philippines. He is a Multimedia Arts major in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, Mania (DLS-CSB) and aspires to create meaningful and impactful experiences through sustainable means. His work advocate in mental, physical and spiritual wellness.


What Ang Lunas Co. collaboration entails

A minimum of10 artists will open commission slots for 3-4 weeks. These will mainly center on digital art, illustration, graphic design, and branding, given that these are the most accessible and the safest to execute during these times. All members will be collaborating on an art magazine that will showcase all of our best works. We will also be selling prints and postcards.


To learn more about Ang Lunas Collaboratory, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/anglunascollaboratory


About Hugging Horizons


Levy Amosin

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Levy is  a travel blogger & mental health advocate. She finished PredictionX: Diviner’s Guide (Omens, Oracles & Prophecies) course at Harvard X – an online learning initiative by Harvard University, AB Mass Communication graduate and currently taking up M.A. Psychology at Mapua University. She’s hoping to specialize in Clinical and Public Service Psychology. Her interests are treatments, healing, psychotherapies like art/horticulture therapy.


To learn more about Hugging Horizons and Levy Amosin, please visit: http://hugginghorizons.com/about/ or http://hugginghorizons.com/work-with-me/


The Beneficiary | House of Somang (Home for the elderly)


(c) House of Somang |FB Page

The House of Somang is a home for the aged, who are in need of resources for food and medicine. They will be receiving 50% of all of our commission proceeds and 100% of our merchandise proceeds.


Ang Lunas Co.

“We would like you to meet our donation beneficiary, House of Somang Philippines! They are a home for the aged, in need of resources for food, medicine, and other necessities. We, as a collective, are beyond honored to give our time, skills, and effort in the hopes of bettering their situation during these trying times.
Come collaborate with our collaboratory in the next few weeks, as we aim to raise funds for donation! House of Somang will receive 50% of all of our commission proceeds and 100% of our merchandise proceeds.
Use the hashtags #AidThroughArt and #AngLunasCo to join in on our conversation!”– Ang Lunas Co.


#AidThroughArt #AngLunasCo #ALCxHorizons


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